Video Now Available for Symposium on Judith Butler

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In case you weren’t able to attend the Symposium we held last Friday at Columbia Law School, recognizing the influence of Judith Butler’s work to the law of gender and sexuality, you can now watch videos of the three panels and Butler’s Keynote.

Over 500 people attended the event, hearing Janet Halley, Kathryn Abrams, Dean Spade, David Eng, Morris Kaplan, Joan Scott, Amy Adler, Martha Umphrey, Ritu Birla, Ariela Dubler, Elizabeth Emens, Katherine Franke, Kendall Thomas and Suzanne Goldberg address the mulitple ways in which Butler’s work has been taken up in law.   This was the first such conference of its kind, and the papers were outstanding.   They will be published in a special issue of the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law.

Watch the videos below:

Bodies of Law:

Janet Halley, Harvard Law School
Kathryn Abrams, UC  Berkeley, School of Law
Dean Spade, University of Seattle Law School

Kinship, Friendship &  Ethics of the Self

Joan Scott, Institute for Advanced Study
Morris Kaplan, SUNY Purchase, Philosohpy
David Eng, U. Penn, English

Power and Performativity

Martha Umphrey, Amherst College, Jurisprudence &  Social Thought
Amy Adler, NYU Law School
Ritu Birla, U. Toronto, History

Keynote by Judith Butler:

Katherine Franke – cross posted from Gender & Sexuality Law Blog

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