“Tax Protest Bake Sale”

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Here’s one of many reasons I so appreciate being at Vermont Law School (VLS) — the initiative by our students’ Tax Club to raise travel funds for our delegation heading to DC for Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Lobby Day.   The subject heading of the all-school email they sent last month announcing the initiative:   Tax Protest Bake Sale.

Dear VLS Students and Faculty,

Let’s all pitch in to support the VLS Tax Club, as they sponsor a Transportation Tax Levy today through next week, protesting the waste of federal tax revenue on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” prosecutions.   The Solomon Amendment makes this the problem of each of us at VLS, so we can’t just leave it to Alliance to fight on their own.

If you are not going to the capitol but you want DADT repealed, come to the Tax Protest Bake Sale and levy yourself a Transportation Tax to help get someone there in your place to lobby Congress for repeal so the Treasury Dept. can fund more worthwhile ventures, such as due process of law.

– Stephanie Farrior

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