Sizzle and Steak

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Lady Gaga is wearing a meat mini on the cover of Vogue Homme Japan:

I have a feeling that this magazine cover will inspire “Is Lady Gaga a feminist icon?” debates in Women’s Studies classes all across the country (Madonna of the 1980’s redux).  I personally find those sorts of debates a bit uninteresting and unhelpful.  Be your own feminist icon.  

Maybe her next cover will have a vegetarian option?  Falafel pasties?  Animal rights folks, chime in.

-Bridget Crawford

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2 Responses to Sizzle and Steak

  1. rjames says:

    This is actually a reference to artist Jana Sterbak’s late 1980s work “Vanitas: Flesh Dress for an Albino Anorectic”:

  2. lechatnoir says:

    What about Ann Simonton: “her trademark act is dressing up as a piece of meat, to dramatize the subhuman image that is often projected upon women in advertising and entertainment”. You can view an image of her dressed in meat here:

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