Massive Student Protests in London

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Thousands of students in London and throughout Britain are protesting against increases in tuition at colleges and universities.  There are sit-ins all over the country, including in the Bodleian Library at Oxford.

As darkness fell, fires were started, graffiti sprayed and windows broken in Whitehall by demonstrators who were being contained by police.

Hundreds of remaining protesters are gradually being released by police.

Earlier a police van was attacked and barricades thrown as protesters tried to break through police lines.

There have been 32 arrests and 17 people injured including the two police officers, according to the Met Police.

The officers and 11 members of the public are being treated in hospital for minor injuries.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said: “People have a right to engage in lawful and peaceful protest, but there is no place for violence or intimidation”.

The full BBC story is here.  Here’s video from AP:

-Bridget Crawford

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