MTV Airing Abortion Special Tonight

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I’ve lamented here in the past pop culture’s lack of attention to the issue of abortion.  And MTV has been a big culprit, with not one but two shows about teen pregnancy/moms.

But tonight, MTV will do a bit to rectify the problem.  At 11:30pm (the issue is apparently too controversial to show earlier in the evening), the network will air a special about abortion, in which it follows one of the teen moms profiled in its other shows as she decides to have an abortion after finding out she’s pregnant again.

MTV has kept quiet about the show and hasn’t allowed anyone to screen it, so it’s not entirely clear how the issue is depicted.  But, anti-choice groups have preemptively taken umbrage for various reasons.  And if they’re upset, chances are that we’re going to be pleased . . . although there are no guarantees here.

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