Oedipus, Kay Jewelry Style

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Kay Jewelers is running a commercial showing a male uniformed soldier (presumably) overseas, speaking by video phone with his wife.  As the wife opens a jewelry box, the husband says proudly that he had help from his “wingman” — his son.

Many military spouses are responding favorably to the ad (see, e.g., here), but there’s something too Oedipal about the ad for my tastes.

Son as wingman?  Eww.

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1 Response to Oedipus, Kay Jewelry Style

  1. Katwoman says:

    The husband is wearing what looks like a Navy flight suit, so when he says “wingman,” he is probably using it in the sense that actual aviators use it: a secondary pilot whose role is to support the lead pilot in a formation. It’s unfortunate that there are less savory connotations for the word, but that shouldn’t rule out its non-skeevy use by the people who coined the original term.

    The REAL eww here is the tacky necklace itself.

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