ABA’s IMPOWR Project

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The American Bar Association established IMPOWR (the International Models Project for Women’s Rights) in 2008.  (It does not concern fashion models….).  Here is the group’s “Vision Statement”:

The IMPOWR vision is to build an open, inclusive and dynamic information sharing platform, structured around the principles of the 1980 Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), over which the global community of gender law experts, legislators, judges, project leaders, volunteers, financial institutions and decision-makers can exchange knowledge and wisdom on how to make law reform and enforcement efforts more effective.

The group has a website and database (here) that organizes information by country and about certain standard topics:  CEDAW, Civic Life, Healthcare, Marriage and Family Relations, Economic and Social Life, Crimes and Violence, and Access to Justice.

The IMPOWR project will accept wiki-like contributions.  The group welcomes volunteer contributors.  For more info, see here.

H/T Cynthia Pittson.

-Bridget Crawford

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