Another Pro-LGBT Billboard

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Following up on my earlier post today, this billboard in Toledo has also given rise to a mixed reaction:

According to a local news report, the Central United Methodist Church hoped that its billboard would generate conversation. And that it has. On the negative side:

One person wrote “homosexuality is a sin – it’s a curse not a gift. You are the one taking the scripture out of context …”  Another said, “I am not against gays worshiping in our church, just against them holding leadership positions and teaching that being gay is okay with god. I am praying for your church. I fear you are going about this the wrong way.”

On the positive side:

One e-mail read, “Mavel tov on your “Gay is a Gift from God” campaign! I love that your church isn’t just quietly welcoming – you’re ready to shout about God’s perfect love for LGBTQ people from the rooftops!”  Another e-mail of support came from halfway across the world.  “I am writing to you from London, England and wish to thank you for being so clear in your message of love and tolerance of all of people on this planet…Thank you, once again for helping to spread the light of gods love. If we all work together, a difference can and will be made.”

Kudos to the church for getting the conversation started!

-Tony Infanti

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