“How to Be a Black Male Feminist”

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The Renaissance Male Project Inc. has released a short video on “Feminism and Masculinity: How to Be a Black Male Feminist.”

Here it is:

The video’s title over-promises, but it is still worth a watch.  It is primarily a presentation of clips of Jewel Woods’ speech on a college campus and student reactions to the talk.  The general topic is the importance of involving men in so-called “women’s issues.”  One of Mr. Woods’ statements made me pause the video to re-listen: “Pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry that…what…manipulates male sexuality….”

This particular video is not substantive enough to serve as a law school teaching tool (and isn’t intended to be, either).  Nevertheless, it’s a first foray in this particular medium for the Renaissance Male Project, and no doubt the Project will tap into video’s potential to reach a broad audience.

-Bridget Crawford

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