Sarah Barringer Gordon Wins Lindback Award at Penn

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Congratulations to Professor Sarah Barringer Gordon on receiving one of the University of Pennsylvania’s most important teaching awards, the Lindback Award.  From the University’s Almanac (here):

Sarah Barringer Gordon, Arlin M. Adams Professor of Constitutional Law in the School of Law and Professor of History in the School of Arts and Sciences, has taught at Penn since 1994. “She has charisma backed by intellectual gravitas,” observes a colleague. “She draws students out, brings out their best thinking, leads riveting discussions, and never compromises her high academic standards.” Students and colleagues at all levels admire “the moral seriousness with which she approaches her scholarly work.” As an undergraduate reports, “She approaches the study of history with humility and reverence for those who asked the difficult questions about our society, and embodies the value of seeking truth in her teaching.” In particular, notes a colleague, “She helped me focus on the human element underlying legal texts and principles. She encouraged me to look for the people and the stories behind cases, buildings, books and ideas.” As a pioneer of legal history, she “personifies the strengths of cross-disciplinary teaching and scholarship at Penn,” and the most “fundamental lesson she teaches, both in the classroom and out,” writes a graduate student, is “how to be a good citizen of one’s community.” Concludes another student: “If I am able to convey to my students just one-tenth of Professor Gordon’s warmth, encouragement, brilliance, compassion and humility, then her love of learning, law and justice extends very far indeed.”

A well-deserved honor for an wonderful teacher, scholar and friend!

-Bridget Crawford

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