Two Videos related to fair trial rights for women –

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Dear Colleagues,

There are two recent video postings that you may find of interest –

1) Holly Maguigan and Joshua Dressler’s “debate” (more like a discussion) of self defense issues when battered women are defendants (Fordham.) Go to It’s a really wonderful explication of an area of law that could use a lot more light. Holly does such a good job at setting out the relevant doctrinal questions, I intend to make viewing a required part of my criminal law syllabus.
2) My talk at Cleveland-Marshall on the history of the Wanrow case. I include a fair number of archival documents and pictures that I gathered in researching Wanrow for my forthcoming chapter in Criminal Law Stories. The “story” describes a fascinating account of both feminist and Native American activism on fair trial rights for women. Go to

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