AALS Section on Women in Legal Education Mentoring Program

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This information about the AALS Section on Women in Legal Education about the Mentoring Program:

At different stages of their careers, individuals may need different types of mentoring.   One’s mentoring needs could be in teaching, in scholarship development, or with work-life issues and experiences.  Therefore, a “one size fits all needs for all times” approach to mentoring has proven difficult to implement in the past.

The Section on Women in Legal Education’s Mentoring Program takes a different approach to traditional mentoring.  The Section’s program is structured as an “a la carte” program.  The Section  currently has 39 volunteer mentors in the Mentoring Program.   These volunteer mentors and their expertise and experiences are listed on the Mentoring Program web site.    Individuals who desire mentoring are encouraged to contact directly any volunteer mentor on the list who matches  the individual’s particular  mentoring need(s).   Mentors are available to give assistance and advice concerning teaching, scholarship and  the work-life issues.  The URL for the site is: http://law.unl.edu/wile.

Professor Colleen Medill at the University of Nebraska administers the web site and serves as the chair of the Mentoring Program.  Her e-mail is cmedill2@unl.edu.  You may contact Colleen if you want assistance in finding a “match” for the type of mentoring you are seeking.

The Mentoring Program Committee currently is working to develop the web site, publicize it, and expand the list of mentors.  The members of the Mentoring Program Committee are:  Colleen E. Medill, Chair (Nebraska); Marina Angel (Temple); Michelle Simon (Pace) Jennifer Hendricks (Tennessee); Sandra Sperino (Cincinnati); Melissa Marlow (Southern Illinois); Nicole Huberfeld (Kentucky); Kerri Stone (Florida International); and Ruth Jones (Pacific).

The Section’s Mentoring Program and the web site are a work in progress.  If you have suggestions for the web site and improving the quality of the program,  please contact any member of the Mentoring Program Committee.

The Section really wants more mentors, so please sign up if you are willing to donate even just an hour of your time!

-Bridget Crawford

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