Census and Same-Sex Couples

The Williams Institute has begun releasing snapshot reports from the 2010 census and will continue doing so each week throughout the summer. This week: Hawaii and Alabama.

According to the census, there are 4,248 same-sex couples in Hawaii (or 9.33 per 1,000 households). Fifty-three percent are female and 47% are male, and only 23% of these same-sex couples are raising children.

In Alabama, there are 11,259 same-sex couples, but only 5.98 per 1,000 households. Sixty percent are female and 40% are male, and 27% are raising children.

For those interested, the snapshots also include the top counties and cities within these states ranked by number of same-sex couples per 1,000 households (including only those with more than 50 same-sex couples).

-Tony Infanti

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