Great Feminist Law Profs Who Blog

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updated 6/24/11

In my remarks at the AALS workshop yesterday on the “Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging,” I didn’t get to shout out to all of the great feminist law profs who blog.  There are many that I know about, and probably lots more that I don’t know about.  Let’s try to crowd-source a list.  Here’s my start at a list of feminist law profs who blog (or also blog) elsewhere:

The list is incomplete and I need your help filling it.  This is what I could put together off the top of my head because I either read those blogs regularly or have been in recent touch with the authors.   My brain is sometimes more seive-like than steel trap-like, though, so please email me and and all additions/corrections/clarifications/crowdsource info!

-Bridget Crawford

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