Impersonal Feminism: Review of Walby’s “The Future of Feminism”

Jessica Crispin reviews The Future of Feminism by Sylvia Walby over at The Smart Set:

If the future of feminism as outlined by Sylvia Walby is in government policy and on executive boards of corporations, I do wonder what the future of the word itself will be. Perhaps it’ll be fully discarded as an anachronism, or maybe it’ll continue to limp along, resurfacing with periodic reclamations and obvious injustices. I want it to be tied to things large in scope, but as more women, more politicians, more professionals, more magazines inch away from the word, it seems unlikely. Feminism, as a concept, is not dead. But feminism, as a word, might be on life support.

Read Ms. Crispin’s full review here.  It is a mixed review — alternately praising Walby’s “wonky” project and disdaining a version of feminism (set up as the opposite of Walby’s project) that is infused “anecdotes about personal oppression.”

-Bridget Crawford

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