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From Suzan Rozelle (Stetson), this announcement and reminder about the Teaching Materials Network:

It’s that time of year again!

Tell your colleagues (directly and by forwarding this to other listservs, blogs, etc., if you can) about the Teaching Materials Network, that database of kind souls offering to share syllabi, teaching notes, PowerPoints, handouts, and other precious gems with fellow law professors who are putting together a new prep.

You can find us here.

Create an account, and then search the database by course, casebook, and credit hours to find the contact information of a fellow lawprof who has offered to help.

When you have materials of your own to share, log back in and click on the “Add or Update a Course Listing” link to add yourself to the list of folks who want to pay it forward.  Please help us make this resource as user-friendly as possible by listing courses and books in their most recognizable form (e.g., “Forensic Evidence” rather than “CSI Law,” and “Author’s Last Name” rather than “Cases and Materials on X”).

And when someone contacts you to ask for your teaching notes, please confirm that that person is, in fact, a fellow law professor, and not one of your more enterprising students.

Comments or questions?  Contact Susan Rozelle at srozelle at

I’ve contributed materials to the Network and have always enjoyed “meeting” fellow law profs this way.  If you’ve taught a class even once or twice before, your materials still can be a big help to someone else.  Pay it forward!

-Bridget Crawford

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