Women Playing Football? Only if in Bikinis

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I had never heard of the Lingerie Football League until I read this article in an on-line Vancouver publication.

Watch out, B.C. Lions. Soon, you’re not going to be the only pro football game in town.

That’s right. The Lingerie Football League is coming to Vancouver.

Today (September 28), the league announced the awarding of franchises to five Canadian cities—Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Quebec City, and Montreal. Toronto apparently already has a team.

Read the full article here.  This video gives a quick sense of what the “LFL” is all about:


-Bridget Crawford


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1 Response to Women Playing Football? Only if in Bikinis

  1. Louella says:

    the question is is this “objectifying”? wow I have seen some of them play, and might I say some of them are really good at the sport itself.

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