Research Resource: Gender Jurisprudence Collections at American University

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Earlier this semester, the War Crimes Research Office and the Women and International Law Program at American University Washington College of Law announced the launch of the Gender Jurisprudence Collections (GJC).  Here is an excerpt from the school’s press release:

The GJC is an online research tool that allows judges, lawyers, and researchers to search the jurisprudence of eleven international/ized criminal courts and tribunals for documents containing information regarding the prosecution of crimes involving sexual and gender-based violence.

Reviewers have analyzed and catalogued more than 17,000 documents from the War Crimes Research Office’s Jurisprudence Collections, noting, for example, when evidence of sexual or gender-based violence appears in the record, when sexual or gender-based violence charges are brought, dropped, or dismissed, or when a defendant is tried for a crime of sexual or gender-based violence. The GJC features keyword and targeted search fields, which eliminate the need to sift through irrelevant documents when conducting research on the rapidly developing jurisprudence in these bodies.

Read the full press release here.

The database and more info are available here.

-Bridget Crawford


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