Here are the Women! “Issues in Legal Scholarship” Edition

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Check out the table of contents for Issues in Legal Scholarship: Vol. 9 : Iss. 1 (Denaturalizing Citizenship: A Symposium on Linda Bosniak’s The Citizen and the Alien and Ayelet Shachar’s The Birthright Lottery).

  • Denaturalizing Citizenship: An Introduction, 
Leti Volpp
  • Making Membership, 
Saskia Sassen
  • Boundaries and Birthright: Bosniak’s and Shachar’s Critiques of Liberal Citizenship, 
Rainer Bauböck
  • The Political Challenges of Bounded, Unequal Citizenships, Rogers M. Smith
  • The Dark Side of Citizenship: Membership, Territory, and the (Anti-) Democratic Polity
, Clarissa Rile Hayward
  • Rethinking Citizenship through Alienage and Birthright Privilege: Bosniak and Shachar’s Critiques of Liberal Citizenship
, Sarah Song
  • Creedal Citizenship, 
Mark Tushnet
  • Prohibited Realities and Fractured Persons: Remaking Lives in Transnational Spaces,
 Susan Bibler Coutin
  • Developing Citizenship, 
Muneer I. Ahmad
  • The Geometry of Inside and Outside
, David Abraham
  • Alien Equality, 
Peter Nyers
  • Making Sense of Citizenship
, Linda Bosniak
  • The Birthright Lottery: Response to Interlocutors, 
Ayelet Shachar

Gender balance is a choice.

H/T @OsgoodeIFLS

-Bridget Crawford

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