Would A Women In Penn State’s Athletic Administration Have Made a Difference?

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Would the presence of a woman in the leadership of Penn State’s athletic program administration have made a difference in the still-unfolding sexual abuse scandal that has rocked the campus? Dionne Koller, associate professor in the University of Baltimore School of Law and director of the Center for Sport and the Law, asks this question in an op-ed in the Nov. 21 edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education.

“At heart, the Penn State story shows why representation of women in athletic programs is not just about statistics or abstract notions of ‘equality,’ Koller argues in the piece. “A different voice, shaped by different gender experiences, might have seen the situation not from the position of a ‘brotherhood’ attempting to preserve the power and image and revenue that were propping up Penn State’s football franchise, but instead by recognizing the gravity of the victimization that was taking place.”

Read the article at http://chronicle.com/article/Its-a-Guy-Thing-at-Penn/129860/.

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