Issues in Legal Scholarship — Focus on Feminism

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Out of an on-line colloquium organized by Kathy Abrams (I guess you had to be one of the cool kids to be invited; I don’t remember seeing a call), there’s the latest Issues in Legal Scholarship, with these fascinating contributions:

  • Martha Chamallas, Backlash, Covering, and the State of Feminist Legal Theory
  • Clare Huntington, Feminism’s Family
  • Kathryn Abrams, Introduction: The Distinctive Energies of “Normal Science”
  • Angela P. Harris, What Ever Happened to Feminist Legal Theory?
  • Brenda Cossman, Where Did Feminism Go? Reflections from a Slightly Lapsed Feminist
  • Herma Hill Kay, What I Learned About Feminism From the Early Women Law Professors
  • Gowri Ramachandran, Pulling the Ladder Up Behind You: Feminism and Family
  • Joan C. Williams, Tough Guise
  • Berta Esperanza Hernandez-Truyol, On Que(e)rying Feminism: Reclaiming the F Word
  • Marc Spindelman, Feminism Without Feminism
  • Martha T. McCluskey, How Money for Legal Scholarship Disadvantages Feminism
  • Katharine B. Silbaugh, Architecture of Legal Feminism

-Bridget Crawford

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