Where are the Women? UCLA Law Review Edition

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Notice anything?

Volume 59, Issue 3 (February 2012)


Essays in Honor of Joel F. Handler: Introduction UCLA Law Review 504
The Pursuit of Legal Rights—and Beyond Scott L. Cummings 506
Poverty Unmodified?: Critical Reflections on the Deserving/Undeserving Distinction Noah D. Zatz 550


The President’s Unconstitutional Treatymaking David H. Moore 598
Freedom of Contract in an Augmented Reality: The Case of Consumer Contracts Scott R. Peppet 676


Balancing Judicial Misvaluation and Patent Hold-Up: Some Principles for Considering Injunctive Relief After eBay Nicholas P. Chan 746
Learning in Lockdown: School Police, Race, and the Limits of Law Aaron Sussman 788

How about here, in the most recent UCLA Law Review “Discourse”?

Professionalism and Matthew Shardlake

By Alex B. Long | Volume 59 | Page 86

Heaven: What Sense Can It Make to Say That Something Is Absolutely Wrong?

By Charles Fried | Volume 59 | Page 60

Transcendence: Conservative Wealth and Intergenerational Succession

By Richard Delgado | Volume 59 | Page 44

Applying Rules of Discovery to Information Uncovered About Jurors

By Thaddeus Hoffmeister | Volume 59 | Page 28

-Bridget Crawford

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