Law Prof Riff on Chescaleigh’s “No Homo” Substitutes

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The very funny Franchesca Ramsey (nom de video blog= Chescaleigh) pokes fun at the phrase “no homo,” a verbal addendum following a compliment, designed to distance the speaker from any implication that the speaker is gay or lesbian.

You can view Chescaleigh’s channel here.

Any suggestions for a law prof version? Let’s start a list:

“I liked your article about originalism.  No Scali-0, ‘though.”

“Great ideas about free speech. No Waldron-o.”


-Bridget Crawford

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4 Responses to Law Prof Riff on Chescaleigh’s “No Homo” Substitutes

  1. Q. Pheevr says:

    “You’re like the daughter I never had! (No in loco.)””Gee, I really wish I could help you. (No pro bono.)””Your critique of corporate globalization reminds me of Naomi Klein. (No Logo.)””Oh, and another thing (no Columbo)….”

  2. Bridget Crawford says:

    No pro bono!  Perfect!!!!!

  3. Bridget Crawford says:

    “I wonder who wrote that?  No Foucault.”

  4. Bridget Crawford says:

    “Can I turn right on red? No Gambino.”

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