Where are the Women? Washington Law Review Edition

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Volume 87  | June 2012 | Issue 2

June 2012 Symposium: The First Amendment in the Modern Age


The Guardians of Knowledge in the Modern State: Post’s Republic and the First Amendment

Ronald K.L. Collins & David M. Skover


The First Amendment, the Courts, and “Picking Winners”

Judge Thomas L. Ambro & Paul J. Safier

Public Discourse, Expert Knowledge, and the Press

Joseph Blocher

The First Amendment’s Epistemological Problem

Paul Horwitz

A View from the First Amendment Trenches: Washington State’s New Protections for Public Discourse and Democracy

Bruce E.H. Johnson & Sarah K. Duran

Democratic Competence, Constitutional Disorder, and the Freedom of the Press

Stephen I. Vladeck


Understanding the First Amendment

Robert C. Post

The one female co-author is a law firm associate.

-Bridget Crawford

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