CFP: Title IX and Transgender Rights

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From the FLP mailbox, this CFP:

The Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society

Announces our 2013 Symposium…

Transcending Gender Lines: Title IX and Transgender Rights

February 2013

University of Wisconsin Law School

Madison, Wisconsin

The 1972 Education Amendment prohibiting sex-discrimination in federally funded education programs, Title IX, has reached its 40th anniversary this year.  We are seeking original scholarship, from both scholars and practitioners, addressing the current state of Title IX application in relation to the rights of transgender individuals.

Ideally, proposals would highlight:

  • An analysis of the effectiveness of current Title IX implementation in prohibiting sex-discrimination of transgender individuals.
  • Recommendations as to how Title IX implementation could be improved to address issues particular to the needs of transgender individuals.

Topics could include: judicial decisions opening the door for Title IX’s application to transgender individuals, the current scope of Title IX’s application to harassment of transgender individuals (including sexual harassment, bullying at schools, on athletic teams, and online, sexual abuse); the effectiveness of measures state and local governments have enacted to protect the transgender rights under Title IX.

Interested parties should send an abstract to  by October 15, 2012. Those selected for the Symposium will be notified by November 2012. The Journal’s Symposium issue will be published in Fall 2013.

Questions may be addressed to Symposium Editor Jill Parikh at

-Bridget Crawford

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