Four Wheels Good, Two Wheels Better!

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A nasty accident involving a tanker truck carrying isobutane on I-10 near one of Baton Rouge’s exits has caused a shutdown of part of the expressway in both directions, and snarled traffic throughout Baton Rouge since 3:40 this morning. You can imagine the resulting headaches for drivers, who are spending hours in their cars, trying go 10 or 15 miles (I know–it took me more than 2 and a half hours to travel fewer than 5 miles this morning). Police are urging people who don’t have to be on the roads to stay home. Obviously, though,  some folks do have to get to work, including health professionals. I thought this story about one very committed surgeon was quite something.

Dr. Catherine Baucom had a surgery scheduled this morning, and found herself in the middle of this vehicular mess. Realizing she was running out of time, and finding herself near a friend’s home, she stopped there to ask if she could borrow a bicycle. He offered her his young daughter’s bike, and off she pedalled. Of course,when the police spotted her, they thought her mode of transportation was, well, a little odd.  She explained her situation, and as the Baton Rouge Advocate explains, “she was escorted through to meet her patient.”

Not much of a legal angle here, but an example of care and dedication from Dr. Baucom and the officers who helped her out.

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