Marc Stein’s “Sexual Injustice” Available in Paperback

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Marc Stein’s Sexual Injustice: Supreme Court Decisions From Griswold To Roe is now available in paperback from the University of North Carolina Press.

The publisher gives the following infor for professors interested in course adoption:

To order a print exam copy,   email me the name, enrollment, and semester of your course. Then go to the   book’s page, click ADD   PAPER, and enter 01EXAM at   checkout. To order by mail, use our exam copy order   form. Print exam copies are $6.00. 

To order an   electronic exam copy, visit our electronic exam   copy request page, fill out the form, and submit it. If it is available,   a book previewer widget will be sent to you.


You may also purchase   this book at 20% off by entering 01ENEW at checkout.

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