Why Does This FindLaw.com Reporter Find Street Harassment and Indecent Exposure So Funny?

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According to the website of an Indianapolis, Indiana television station, a man was arrested for exposing himself to two women on the street.

An Indianapolis man is facing charges after reportedly “swinging” his genitals at two women on the street.

Shawn Harvell, 34, of Indianapolis, was arrested Tuesday afternoon on charges including public indecency, resisting law enforcement, criminal confinement and battery.

Police said a Metro officer driving on 38th Street near Lawndale Avenue was flagged down by two women.

One woman, 29, told the officer that Harvell approached her on the sidewalk from behind and grabbed her by the arm.

The woman said the man has his penis out of his pants and was “swinging it about in a rotary helicopter motion,” the police report said.

Read the full story here.

It’s an unusual story in terms of the method of exposure, but harassment of women is no laughing matter.  Unfortunately, Brett Snider, Esq., a reporter for FindLaw.com, seems to find extraordinary humor in the incident, reporting here that the alleged perpetrator “dangled his doodle” and swang “his fantastic phallus,” opining that the alleged perpetrator’s ” ‘helicopter’ move was likely a gyration that was all in the hips,” and that the man was engaged in “puppetry of the penis.”

Really, Mr. Snider? I just don’t see what’s funny about a man exposing his genitals to women on the street and pulling a gun on them.  Then again, I’m a humorless feminist.

-Bridget Crawford

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