Strategic Deployment of a Black Female Attorney in the Bill Cosby Case

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Dr. Lolita Buckner Inniss

In this piece on NPR, Feminist Law Prof Lolita Buckner Inniss (Cleveland-Marshall) comments on Bill Cosby’s decision to hire Monique Pressley as his attorney:

The decision to hire her is also strategic, says Buckner Inniss.

“Her gender and her race matter, because Bill Cosby is being charged with sexual assault of several women. A large number of those women are white women. I think there’s a certain extent to which the idea of racial solidarity plays in here,” says Buckner Inniss. “The idea that if an intelligent, well-spoken black woman stands with Bill Cosby on this, then perhaps some of those people who accuse Bill Cosby are lying.”

Monique Pressley, Esq.

Read the full story, “Lawyer Faces National Scrutiny While Defending Bill Cosby,” or listen to it here.

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