Keeping Up With Feminist Scholarship in Other Disciplines

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Feminist Periodicals is an online quarterly generated by the Office of Gender and Women’s Studies Librarian at the University of Wisconsin. It reprints the tables of contents of 150 (non-law) magazines and journals for researchers scanning the current literature in the field of Gender and Women’s Studies. I find that this is a fantastic way to quickly become familiar with articles being published non-law fields.

  • Feminist Periodicals has recently undergone a revamp that makes it more user-friendly and accessible.  Here are some cool methods of searching the resource:
  • One can search and browse via keywords, tags and collection name here.
  • There are links to all of the recent periodicals here.
  • You can browse the most recent issue here.

The display is pretty good on mobile devices, too.  Good way to keep up with feminist scholarship when you’re waiting for the subway or in line at the grocery store!

Thank you to the Gender and Women’s Studies Librarian at the University of Wisconsin.  This is a great service for us all!

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