Winner of 2017 Penny Pether Law & Language Scholarship Award

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The winner of the 2017 Penny Pether Law & Language Scholarship Award is Dr. Yvette Russell, for her article “Woman’s Voice/Law’s Logos: The Rape Trial and the Limits of Liberal Reform,” Australian Feminist Law Journal, 42.2, 273-296.

Congratulations, Professor Russell!

For those who didn’t know Penny Pether, she was a kind and generous scholar.  Here is a short bio, from this site:

Penny Pether (1957-2013) was an Australian scholar whose passionate life-long commitment to the field pervaded every aspect of her research, teaching and academic life. She helped convene the first conference of the Law and Literature Association and founded the interdisciplinary journal Law Text Culture. She was a mentor to younger academics and graduate students in the field. She held, demanded, and advocated the highest standards of interdisciplinary scholarly endeavor. The Penny Pether Prize reflects and honours her commitments.

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