Recent Gender-Related Scholarship: Faith Jackson & Edieth Wu

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Feminist Law Profs Faith Jackson and Edieth Wu (Texas Southern University) have published two articles that address aspects of discrimination in legal education:

Must We Deploy Drones in the Twenty-first Century to Target Under the Radar Discrimination Against Minority Women at Law Schools at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUS)?, 31 Colum. J. Gender & L. 164 (2015); and

From Theory to Practice: Using the Gender-Sensitive Tracking and Monitoring System, 14 LSD Journal 91 (2017).

Worth a read, especially in light of the disturbing news out of St. John’s Law School and Cornell Law School that the climate for female students may be actively hostile.

As faculty members, we need to think hard and better about how we treat each other, what behavior we are modeling for our students, and how to make the legal profession (and legal academia) welcome to people of all genders).


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