FIU Law Review Symposium Edition: The COVID Care Crisis and Its Implications for Legal Academia

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The FIU Law Review has published (here) a Symposium Issues on “The COVID Care Crisis and its Implications for Legal Academia.”

Here is the table of contents:

The COVID Care Crisis and its Implications for Legal Academia, Cyra Akila Choudhury

Blood, Sweat, Tears:” A Muslim Woman Law Professor’s View on Degenerative Racism, Misogyny, and (Internal) Islamophobia from Preeclampsia and Presumed Incompetent to Pandemic Tenure, Nadia B. Ahmad

The Center Cannot Hold: Zoom as a Potemkin Village, Hadar Aviram

Stereotypes, Sexism, and Superhuman Faculty, Teneille R. Brown

The Foundational Care Crisis, Stephanie M. H. Moore

The Need for Social Support from Law Schools During the Era of Social Distancing, Michele Okoh, Ines Ndonko Nnoko

Crisis, Rupture and Structural Change: Reimagining Global Learning Engagement While Staying in Place During the COVID19 Pandemic, Shruti Rana, Hamid Ekbia

Everything I Know About Teaching Was Reinforced by Auditing Remote Kindergarten, Allie Robbins

Archiving The Pandemic: What it Has Meant To Chronicle What We Wish To Forget, Katyayani Suhrud

So many of these essays will resonate with many of the readers of this blog!

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