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Request for Transgender Reading Suggestions

I am looking for law review articles that are a good primer for students to understand transgender rights and its connected issues. If you have suggestions please email me at Thank you!

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“Does Manly Courage Exist?”

Such is the title of my new essay. It might be of interest to some; questions and remarks, along with criticisms of every stripe, are welcome. –John Kang

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The Man Question: A Conference for Nancy Dowd

Professor Nancy Dowd, the Levin Chair in Family Law, at the University of Florida has published a terrific new book called The Man Question. I am very pleased to announce that scholars who study law’s relationship to masculinities and manliness, … Continue reading

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Article on Adoption by Gay Parents

My colleague Prof. Amy Ronner has a new and intriguing article on adoption by gay parents, “When Courts Let Insane Delusions Pass the Rational Basis Test: The Newest Challenge to Florida’s Exclusion of Homosexuals from Adoption.” It’s available on SSRN:  … Continue reading

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Manliness, Part IV: Blind Leading the Blind

Recently, there have been two events in the news that, while happening in two quite different parts of the United States, bear telling similarities.  One concerns the vicious attacks by young and presumably heterosexual men against gay men in the … Continue reading

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Manliness, Part III: Paradox

Thanks to Bridget for calling our attention to this curious story involving female political candidates challenging the manliness of their male adversaries; the story also includes male candidates ascribing feminine vices to their female candidates.  Both phenomena are interesting, but … Continue reading

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Manliness, Part II: What Is Courage?

As Bridget pointed out, in the news recently, we have seen a terrible episode involving young, presumably heterosexual, men who tortured gay men in the Bronx.  It is an appalling example of hypermasculinity where violent cruelty is its own reward.  … Continue reading

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Manliness, Part I: Anyone Call for a Knight?

I am John Kang, associate professor of law at St. Thomas University (Florida).  First, I hasten to thank Bridget for kindly offering me a chance to blog on Feminist Law Professors. I am presently researching the connection between manliness and … Continue reading

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