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More Discussion of Online Safety and Privacy

Here are a few excellent recent articles about online privacy, harassment, and the silencing of women: Amanda Hess, The Next Civil Rights Issue: Why Women Aren’t Welcome on the Internet Conor Friedersdorf, When Misogynist Trolls Make Journalism Miserable for Women … Continue reading

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Online Voter Information and Privacy

Did you ever want to know Donny Osmond’s birthday, along with his voter registration status? Now you can find out, through a simple website which has posted the entire Utah state voting roll to the internet in easily searchable form. … Continue reading

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Gay polygamy in Utah?

By now you’ve heard the news. A federal judge in Utah just ruled that the state’s ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. This follow on last week’s ruling, from a different judge, that portions of Utah’s polygamy statute were also … Continue reading

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Professor Mary Anne Franks discusses “Revenge Porn”

What is a “threatened sexist”? What is “revenge porn” itself, anyway? Check out this discussion with Professor Mary Anne Franks to learn all about this topic, to discuss ways that law is responding to online harassment, and to find out … Continue reading

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Male Fragility and Law

Mary Anne Franks collects examples of the male fragility narrative in law and in society. It’s a fascinating observation, reminiscent of a recent discussion at Slate: Societal constructions of masculine identity are actually quite fragile, and as a result society … Continue reading

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Qualifications of a Supermodel

Model Cameron Russell gives a remarkably candid and articulate explanation: I am not a uniquely accomplished 25-year-old. I’ve modeled for 10 years and I took six years to finish my undergraduate degree part-time, graduating this past June with honors from … Continue reading

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In Defense of Law Review Affirmative Action

As you may have seen, the new Scholastica submission service allows law reviews to collect demographic information from authors. A flurry of blog posts has recently cropped up in response; as far as I can tell, they range from negative … Continue reading

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg headlines Thomas Jefferson Law School Women and Law Conference

Last Friday, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spoke at the 13th Annual Women and Law Conference at Thomas Jefferson Law School. A packed house listened as panelists discussed a variety of issues relating to women in the judiciary, and the highlight … Continue reading

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Because sometimes, no other description will do.

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What Derb doesn’t get (about the reality of sexual harassment)

As noted in earlier discussions, conservative pundit John Derbyshire recently wrote: “Is there anyone who thinks sexual harassment is a real thing? Is there anyone who doesn’t know it’s all a lawyers’ ramp, like “racial discrimination“? You pay a girl … Continue reading

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On female privilege

(Cross-posted at Concurring Opinions) You mention male privilege in a blog post, and it’s inevitable: Someone else (usually male) will start asking about female privilege. If men have privilege, don’t women have privilege too? And does that undercut the idea … Continue reading

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The reason

Interviewer: So, why do you write these strong female characters? Joss Whedon: Because you’re still asking me that question.

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Harassment, male privilege, and jokes that women just don’t get

(Cross-posted to Concurring Opinions blog) A familiar theme comes up frequently in internet discussions: Women who complain about online harassment are just missing the joke.

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The stimulus program created jobs for women

Apparently, this was a bad thing? Yeah, I don’t get the argument either. I’m happy to agree that unemployment is too high among both women and men, and that political leaders should take steps both to reinforce safety net programs … Continue reading

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(A few reasons) why Angela Onwuachi-Willig should be appointed to the Iowa Supreme Court

Various law blogs (including this one) have mentioned the news that University of Iowa law professor Angela Onwuachi-Willig is on the short list for the Iowa Supreme Court. Angela is a leading scholar on topics of racial justice and critical … Continue reading

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Gender Justice and Indian Sovereignty: Native American Women and the Law

It is my pleasure to invite you to Thomas Jefferson School of Law’s upcoming 10th Anniversary Women and the Law Conference, “Gender Justice and Indian Sovereignty: Native American Women and the Law,” on Friday, February 18, 2011. This one-day conference … Continue reading

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Female genital cutting . . . in a U.S. hospital?

(Trigger warning) This post at Feministing — about a doctor who cuts young children with “abnormal” clitorises, and then tests their subsequent sensory perception with a vibrator (!) — is just incredibly disturbing.

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NYT on Parental Leave in Sweden

A fascinating discussion from the NYT a few weeks ago underscores the fact that no, current United States gender norms are not a particularly normal or natural baseline, and that other, healthier options are available. As the article notes, Sweden’s … Continue reading

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Kimberle Crenshaw at Thomas Jefferson Law School Women and Law Conference

I’d like to invite readers to attend the 2010 Women and the Law Conference at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. This event, our Tenth Annual Women and Law conference, will examine the past, present and future of intersectionality. Speakers will discuss … Continue reading

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Quick Reminder: Intersectionality Conference at UCLA Law, March 11-13

Bridget blogged about the call for papers a few months ago.  Now that the conference is just around the corner, here’s another short reminder: The UCLA Critical Race Studies program – along with a great group of co-sponsors including the … Continue reading

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