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I have been fascinated by reproductive technology and its implications for law and policy for many years, and have devoted my research agenda to writing on some of the most contentious family policy and bioethics issues that countries around the world currently face. After a series of initial articles written from a family privacy perspective and employing United States constitutional law as an analytical framework, I began writing on assisted reproduction from the ethical perspective that respect for procreative autonomy grows naturally out of societal commitments to equality and justice. This new approach has enabled me to expand the scope and reach of my work by incorporating more foreign sources of law and policy and materials from a wide range of other disciplines, including anthropology, psychology, public health, demography, sociology, biotechnology, women’s studies, literature and medical ethics.

Eggsploitation and Abortion Politics

“Eggsploitation,” a new documentary about the perils faced by egg providers in the increasingly globalized and highly lucrative infertility business opens Sunday at the Little Theatre in Rochester. Taking a no-holds-barred approach, “Eggsploitation” exposes what happens to young women who … Continue reading

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