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Breaking up may not be so hard to do

My colleague Danielle Holley-Walker has written a thoughtful post on how the actions of the Clinton campaign may lead to a  rift in the Democratic party.   Check it out here! -Susan Kuo

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Primary day in the Palmetto State

I spent yesterday participating in all manner of election-day madness — making calls, making sandwiches, monitoring voter challenges, and making door-to-door visits to get the vote out.   More here. – Susan Kuo

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Don’t believe everything that you read in your email

Email is a great way to send out information, misinformation, and disinformation. I keep receiving the same false e-message about Barack Obama. His opponents appear to have enlisted my family and friends as their dupes. More about this here. –Susan … Continue reading

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The greatest wealth is health

No, Virgil won’t be there, but Dr. Gregg Bloche will. On Sunday, Dr. Bloche, senior health care policy adviser to the Obama campaign, will be speaking in Columbia, SC. If you’re in the area, come and seek answers to your … Continue reading

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Happy grading

Second row, center — that’s how I feel after grading exams all day.   -Susan Kuo

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Cogitat, ergo sum?

Just the other day, a friend of mine was dubbed ‘smart’ by her 10-year-old son’s classmate because she successfully assisted her son in completing his math homework. The complimentary context went something like this: My friend’s son’s friend: You’re smart. … Continue reading

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Samantha Power’s Address at the University of South Carolina School of Law

Samantha Power, one of Senator Obama’s top foreign policy advisers, spoke at the law school last week about the crisis in Darfur. I blogged about it here. -Susan Kuo

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