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Pubic Hair and Feminism

‘Cause we keep track of certain trends (e.g., here), the “Full-Bush Brazilian” article in the NY Magazine caught our interest: My bikini-waxer, Jola, recently told me about a pubic-grooming configuration I had not heard of, which patrons of her Williamsburg … Continue reading

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Scaring Smart Women: NYT Says Successful Women are their own Worst Enemies

Yes, this again, now from the New York Times (here): Dating sites seem to suggest that highly educated women have more trouble finding a partner than women in more traditionally female jobs. “Care and social professions work well; the really … Continue reading

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You’re Speaking My Language: United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces Finds “mmmm-mmmm-mmmm” Constitutes “Indecent Language” in Court-Martial Appeal

You are a military judge. According to a female Marine, one day she was working in an ammunition magazine with a United States Marine Corps Corporal when she began to “freak out” upon discovering that she had a bug on … Continue reading

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Cat with cat markings


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