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Hip Hop Blogger Speaks Out Against Sexist Bullying on the Internet

Jay Smooth is the founder of New York’s longest running hip-hop radio show, WBAI’s Underground Railroad.  He has a video blog, Ill Doctrine, here.  He also video blogs at Animal New York, here, which bills itself as “a daily mix … Continue reading

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Robson on Judge Cebull’s Disgusting “Joke”

Ruthann Robson blogs here about Judge Richard Cebull (D. Montana) and his email “joke” about President Obama’s mother that accuses her of promiscuity, bestiality, as well as interracial sex. Judge Cebull self-reported his misdeeds for investigation by the Chief Justice of … Continue reading

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Dan Brown’s “Lost Symbol” is awful. Her eyes were as big as saucers when it hit her like an uncoming train.

I’ll leave more detailed reviews for others, but here is something I found particularly stupid, at page 31. Protagonist Robert Langdon is lecturing to one of his freshman “intro” Harvard classes: …”In this age when different cultures are killing each … Continue reading

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Feminist Priorities

Okay, so I got bashed here at Slate’s XX Factor for having my “knickers in a twist” over the current Ms. magazine cover (see this, this and this). Choice quote: “Feminism lies like a beached octopus, tentacles thrashing in all … Continue reading

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Again with the lies and mischaracterizations regarding the Ms. cover…

In response to this ridiculous crap, (see also) I posted the comment below, which may or may not make it through moderation over there: ****** I am not a PUMA. I agree with the PUMA goal of calling out sexism … Continue reading

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Did ANYONE who criticized the Ms. Magazine cover say that men couldn’t be feminists?

Or even that Obama couldn’t be a feminist? I know I didn’t. Nor would I, in a million years. Nor did anyone else, that I am aware of. What the hell are these women talking about? Ms. Magazine decided it … Continue reading

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“Baylor University is being called ‘the poster child for SAT misuse’ after the student newspaper revealed an unusual practice: paying admitted freshmen to retake the SAT and offering large financial rewards for those whose scores go up by certain levels.”

That’s the first line of this article in Inside Higher Ed. Via Historiann, who adds the usual colorful commentary and illustrations that make her so popular around these here parts. Of course here in law school land, we are witnessing … Continue reading

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Political “Humor” in the South Carolina MSM

Larger version here. That’s the same cartoonist that produced this and this and this and this. –Ann Bartow

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