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This essay, published at The Verge, tells the troubling story of the harassment of Kathy Sierra, the incident that drove her away from particiapting in the tech Internet for years, and how the man who perpetrated this incident is being … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Legislature Revises Its Statute In Response To “Upskirting” Decision

In response to Massachusetts’ highest court’s ruling that “upskirting” is not illegal according to the state’s statute,  members of the legislature moved quickly to introduce a number of bills to criminalize the practice. One bill made it all the way to … Continue reading

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More Discussion of Online Safety and Privacy

Here are a few excellent recent articles about online privacy, harassment, and the silencing of women: Amanda Hess, The Next Civil Rights Issue: Why Women Aren’t Welcome on the Internet Conor Friedersdorf, When Misogynist Trolls Make Journalism Miserable for Women … Continue reading

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Online Voter Information and Privacy

Did you ever want to know Donny Osmond’s birthday, along with his voter registration status? Now you can find out, through a simple website which has posted the entire Utah state voting roll to the internet in easily searchable form. … Continue reading

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Gilman on “The Class Differential in Privacy Law” and “The Poverty Defense”

Michele Gilman (Baltimore) has posted two articles to SSRN.  The Class Differential in Privacy Law, 77 Brooklyn L. Rev. 1389 (2012) This article analyzes how privacy law fails the poor. Due to advanced technologies, all Americans are facing corporate and … Continue reading

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Pages In Your Diary: Supreme Court of West Virginia Badly Errs in Deeming Diary Entries Admissible Despite Rape Shield Rule

A defendant is charged with second-degree sexual assault and related crimes after another individual and he allegedly commit sexual crimes against a 13 year-old victim. After the alleged crimes, the alleged victim starts writing in a notebook and writes in … Continue reading

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“Despite a cease-and-desist letter, Shautsova surmised that Primal Ventures, the host of, would not delete the [false] profile because it makes money whenever someone clicks on it.”

That is a sentence pulled from this article, which tells yet another story of someone using the internet to inflict misery on a former romantic partner.

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Maybe the prosecution of Dharun Ravi has had a lasting effect on privacy law?

Today the NY Daily News ran an article entitled: “Princeton University student accused of taking sexually explicit photos of fellow male student who was asleep in dorm room is charged with invasion of privacy.” The first paragraph reports: A Princeton … Continue reading

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