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For the Junk Heap: Special Underwear to Protect Against TSA’s Prying Eyes

I really do appreciate the New York Daily News for stories like this one about an invention that might be in high demand this week: Jeff Buske has created a special kind of underwear with strategically placed fig-leaf designs he says … Continue reading

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If Women Posted Videos Every Time a Pat-Down Went too Far…

WaPo columnist Charles Krauthammer connects objections to new TSA security procedures to the national political mood: John Tyner, cleverly armed with an iPhone to give YouTube immortality to the encounter, took exception to the TSA guard about to give him … Continue reading

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“As similar as this basketball arena may appear to your apartment, they are not, in fact, the same place. For further evidence, please ask yourself the following question: Does my apartment typically contain 20,000 complete strangers? If the answer is “No,” then you are in a public arena. You should not be watching porn.”

From this article at the WaPo.   Via. Roxie has some questions. Meanwhile, I recently flew to and from a distant city, and on one of the legs of the journey, the dood sitting next to me was watching porn. … Continue reading

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“United [Airlines] Breaks Guitars”

The company pummels the crud out of suitcases, too. Via. –Ann Bartow

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Missing Girls

Got back from China yesterday, and one thing my colleagues and I noticed was the (completely anecdotal) vast majority of the children anywhere we looked were male.   We were told that the Chinese governmnet is considering modifying its   … Continue reading

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Hong Kong and Guangzhou

Hong Kong Guangzhou I’m back in Hong Kong after a couple of days in Guangzhou at the South China University of Technology. One of the people in our party got detained at the China border because she had a fever … Continue reading

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The Age of Digital Convergence

This conference is off to a wonderful start, with a presentation by Dr. Melissa deZwart an Associate Professor at the University of South Australia School of Law. Spent yesterday touring Hong Kong, starting off with a hike up to the … Continue reading

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Off to China!

Blogging by me will probably be sparse for a couple of weeks. –Ann Bartow

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Run Like A Mother!

The phrase “Run Like A Mother” adorned the tee shirts of a number of the women who ran the Cooper River Bridge Run yesterday with me and tens   of thousands of other people. Here are pictures of the crowd … Continue reading

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The first all-female, all African American crew to operate a commercial flight:

(From top, left) Captain Rachelle Jones, First Officer Stephanie Grant and flight attendants Diana Galloway and Robin Rogers. The AFL-CIO NOW blog reports: Last month, when first officer Stephanie Grant of Atlantic Southeast Airlines got the call to replace the … Continue reading

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Some air travel stories.

Most of the planes flying in and out of Columbia, South Carolina, are very small. When you take them you have to “gate check” bags that would be carry ons on most commercial airplanes, because the overhead compartments can’t accommodate … Continue reading

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Cyber Civil Rights

Danielle Citron’s article “Cyber Civil Rights” is now in print. She handed me a reprint a few minutes ago, yay! Her presentation is based on this work. She’s talking about women being driven off line, or at least out of … Continue reading

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The only law review article with “tax” in the title that I am likely to read this year will be written by Bridget Crawford

And it will be based on her incredibly awesome presentation here at the William and Mary School of Law. Her topic is “Privacy, Pregnancy and Taxation” and it is fascinating. Surrogacy contracts have become one of her scholarly interests, and … Continue reading

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Spirit Airlines Tries To Charge Cancellation Fees On Passengers It Put On Flight 1549 (yes, the one that landed in the Hudson River).

From here: Rob and Jeff Kolodjay were scheduled to fly on Spirit Airlines to a golf vacation with four other friends on Thursday out of LaGuardia in New York City. Their flight got cancelled, and they rebooked their flight to … Continue reading

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Story here. I fly between Charlotte NC and NYC on US Air several times a year, which makes this seem especially immediate.   I hope it is true that everybody who was on the plane is safe. That makes it … Continue reading

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Scene From A Long Drive During The Holidays

The characters are a teenaged boy and his mother. The mom is driving, while the boy is calling out clues from a crossword puzzle that they are completing together to make the time pass. Teen Boy: “Three Down: River to … Continue reading

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Leave the Underwire Bra Home

From Boing Boing: A large-breasted woman flying from Oakland to Boston was accosted by the TSA when the underwire in her bra set off the magnetometer. She was given a choice: allow her breasts to be fondled or give up … Continue reading

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Lard Help Me, I Like Glenn Reynolds

I got to know him last year at a party, and then I was on a really fun panel with him a couple of days ago. I don’t agree with him about very much, to put it mildly, but face … Continue reading

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True and Amazing Travel Story: Olympics Edition

I flew back from Stockholm yesterday and was upgraded to Business Class, which was a nice surprise. After I got settled in my aisle seat, a women asked me to change seats so that she could sit with her (adult) … Continue reading

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