“Schlafly’s honorary degree: a travesty of a mockery of a sham”

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That is the title of a post at Crooked Timber discussing the decision by Washington University in St. Louis to award Phyllis “There won’t be an ERA on my watch” Shlafly of the Eagle Forum You ought to head over there to read the hilarious first comment, by Michael Berube (creatively imagine there are accents on the e’s in Berube), alone.

The University of South Carolina has given honorary degrees to all sorts of odious people over the years, so I’m in no position to judge Wash. U. too harshly. Moreover, faculty typically don’t have any role in selecting honorees, they certainly don’t here, so I wouldn’t blame the Wash. U. faculty either. But this is kind of galling, no question.

–Ann Bartow

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