“Herr Professor Daddy? I didn’t think so.”

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Post every woman academic should read, here.

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  1. barbara burke says:

    As a corollary to reading this entry, I suggest that you also read “Letter to an Older Feminist” in Jennifer Baumgardner’s Manifesta. Perhaps it is really law professors who foster this maternal role (and the angst that goes with it) by not validating the views of Third-wave female students. Too often our ideas are dismissed because well, you second-wavers know better. Doesn’t that reinforce your matriarchal role? Listen to us. Engage us. Learn from us – we want to talk to you – not our mothers.

  2. Ann Bartow says:

    Jennifer Baumgardner is in her late 30s or early 40s. She might even be older than me. She is probably about the same age or older than about two thirds of the folks who participate in this blog.

    I’m not really sure what the Third-wave feminist view of copyright, trademark or patent law is, or how teaching these classes reinforces my matriarchal role, to be honest. Does this blog seem matriarchal to you?

  3. barbara burke says:

    Does it seem matriarchal? Yes. It does in the sense that it often does not take into account the ‘multiplicities” of feminist thought. I learned about this blog from students at the RebLaw Conference in February. So, if Third-wave law students are reading the entries, it is important to hear our voices too. If not, isn’t that a kind of essentialism also?

  4. Ann Bartow says:

    I think you are proving Eszter’s point in the linked post, that “students demand much more emotional work from female professors than they do of male profs. If the women don’t provide it, they are often viewed as cold bitchy profs that don’t care about students.”

    The blog is by and for feminist law professors. I’m not at all adverse to having guest posts by feminist law students here and/or linking to law students’ posts elsewhere. But the primary focus of this blog is a fairly discrete community – feminists who are teaching in law schools.

    Two blogs you might find better suit you:

    The Ms. JD blog is by and for women law students:

    Millenial Law Prof is focused on the current generation of law students:

  5. Ann Bartow says:

    Also, here is a blog for women lawyers with a feminist bent :

  6. Ashley Petroso says:

    I totally agree with Barbara. And with all due respect, your answer to her proved her point too. We’re not taken seriously.

  7. Ann Bartow says:

    Not sure who “we” is exactly, but here’s the thing: This blog isn’t about you, because…this blog isn’t about you. It’s by and for feminist law professors. I hope you find another blog that better meets your needs. Or maybe you could start one yourself. Have to warn you, though: The pay for blogging is lousy and lots of people will go out of their way to tell you that you are doing it wrong.

  8. Ashley Petroso says:

    We are starting a student blog. We hope you will link us to yours.

  9. Ann Bartow says:

    I’d be very happy to help you with your blog in any way I can.