Female Voices in the Legal Blogosphere

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Via Law.com:

Diane Amman, IntLawGrrls

Monica Bay, The Common Scold

Kathleen Bergin and Josie F. Brown, First Amendment Law Prof blog

Nicole Black, Sui Generis

Julie Fleming Brown, Life at the Bar

Mary Dudziak, Legal History Blog

Carolyn Elefant, My Shingle

Michelle Golden, Golden Practices

Denise Howell, Lawgarithms and Between Lawyers

Christine Hurt, The Conglomerate

Kimberly A. Kralowec, The UCL Practitioner

Suzanne Cartier Liebel, Build a Solo Practice

Joy London, practicesource.com

Diane Murley, Law Dawg Blawg

Sabrina Pacifici, beSpacific and LLRX

Ellen Podgor, White Collar Crime Prof Blog

Claire Potter, Tenured Radical

Victoria Pynchon, Settle It Now

Nina Yablok, Bizblawg

Nicole Black adds:

Some of us blog about substantive legal issues (New York Federal Criminal Practice, TalkLeft, Sui Generis, California Estate Planning blog, Pennsylvania Fiduciary Litigation, Indiana Law Blog).

Some of us blog about practice management (My Shingle, Build a Solo Practice, LLC, Legal Ease Blog).

Some of us blog about the practice of law (Legal Mystenigmary, Blond Justice, Deliberations, Civil Negotiation and Mediation).

Some of us blog about women and the law (Power of Attorney: Not Happy Hour At the Bar, Feminist Law Professors, Women in Law Daily).

Some of us blog about technology and the law (California BioTech Law Blog, Practicing Law in the 21st Century,Connie Crosby, The Law Firm Intranet).

Some of us blog about our lives, our families, and the world (The Common Scold, Ipse Dixit, Part-time Law Mom, Legal Antics, Merits of the Case, Bag and Baggage, ).

For a long list of women blawgers, head on over to BlogHer’s Law Blog list.   And, feel free to add your own woman-authored blawg in the comments to this post.

And here’s a slightly amended re-post of this list:


Title IX Blog

Millennial Law Prof

Out of the Jungle

LibraryLaw Blog

clinicians with not enough to do

hunter of justice

Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage

First Amendment Law Prof Blog

Reproductive Rights Prof Blog

Rebecca Tushnet’s 43(B)log

Legal Writing Prof Blog

Doing Justice

Susan Crawford blog

Nancy Rapoport’s Blogspot

HealthLawProf Blog

Media Law Prof Blog

Law and Magic Blog

Banking Law Prof Blog

Elder Law Prof Blog


A Taxing Matter

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Wardlaw Blog

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