New Controversy at Duke University

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 As described at  “ Duke [University]  is in an uproar about a highly detailed “fuck list” that a recent female graduate made — in PowerPoint, complete with penis-size evaluations and dirty-talk transcripts.  Upon graduating, the author decided to pass on the wisdom she had learned, in thesis format. The subject: “An education beyond the classroom: excelling in the realm of horizontal academics.” The thirteen subjects are each preceded by a tableau of photos of the men, most of which seem to be pulled from Facebook and athletic action shots.”   Each man was graded using the following criteria:


Is Karen Owens, the author of the list, a cyberbully?  What distinguishes her from the Rutgers student who videotaped his roommate’s sexual encounter?   She didn’t intend for the report to go “viral” on the Internet, but  did e-mail it to 3 friends.  Her partners willingly engaged in sex with her, but not to have the details of their encounters rated and published.   The case raises interesting and troubling questions over power, sexual freedom, and invasion of privacy.

-Audrey Rogers

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