1. Fort Greely is also considered a remote duty station as the next closest large city — Fairbanks — is 100 miles away. A coast guard or coastguard is a maritime security organization of a particular country. Driving along the roads, don’t be surprised if you see herds of moose or elk wandering along the side of the road. Detroit Sector Key West can trace its history back to 1824 when a 63-foot schooner named Florida sailed into the Port of Key West, establishing a permanent station in Key West. Ketchikan Buxton Established in 1790, today's US Coast Guard is both a law enforcement and a military unit. New Orleans, Barnstable Are you getting stationed at Naval Air Station Pensacola? Your best advice Beaufort was also named as the South’s “Best Small Town” by Southern Living Magazine. The complete list of US military ranks (in order), Want a Real Way to Make Money From Home? Everything on base is within walking distance, which is perfect for those who don’t have transportation, including the commissary, barber shop, automotive shop, chapels, and a fitness center. What are your hobbies? Because it’s an island, the cost of living is high but can be offset if you live with roommates or use base housing and budget wisely. Martinsburg. On base, you’ll find everything from medical care to housing to take care of your daily needs, and off base you’ll discover a world rich in music, French culture, and history that can’t be found elsewhere. Off base, you’ll find a location that’s military-friendly as Naval Air Station Pensacola employs 23,000 personnel, including civilians. San Diego The Coast Guard is part of the Department of Homeland Security, except when supplementing Navy and Marine forces, as they have in nearly every major conflict since WWI. Best area perk? 5 4 0. Training Center Yorktown occupies the easternmost tip of Virginia’s historical triangle, formed by Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown. Apply to Customer Service Representative, Protection Specialist, Natural Resource Technician and more! Although they caused a great deal of damage to the Air Force, the more remote air bases stayed untouched and continued to launch fully armed aircraft, sinking the ships and eventually capturing all of the “special operations teams” that they Coasties had sent ashore. South Portland The base is responsible not only for the air space and waters around Florida, but sectors of … What’s your dream duty station and why? Moorestown The Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex (CMSC) is a 400-acre site near the base that’s open daily for practice, including trap and skeet shooting. United States Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater is one of the largest and most vital air stations in the Coast Guard network of bases and operates out of the Clearwater International Airport. Khalilah. When you aren’t heading out to the coastline, you’ll find there’s plenty to see and do on base, including bowling, swimming, working out, movie-going, and dining. Best Military Bases for Outdoor Enthusiasts. Sacramento On any single day, aircrews may be as far away as Greenland, the Azores or the Caribbean. Sitka There's a lot to offer if you take advantage of the opportunities. The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is one of the United States’ five military services and is tasked with the responsibility of enforcing maritime laws. Lockport Best area perk? Wildwood If you love the water, you’ll love it here. The Coast Guard motto is Semper Paratus, which means Always ready. Pick a direction and go. Anchorage Ilwaco Washington. Miami Beach On the clearest of days, the Bremerton base has a beautiful view of the snow-capped Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges. As the second-oldest city in South Carolina, history lovers will adore Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort located 70 miles southwest of Charleston. 12 12 0. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Military Bases in Nags Head, NC. Any time you want to participate in any outdoor activity, you can pretty much guarantee the weather will be ideal to spend time outside. Learn more about Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans here. Station Ketchikan responds to an average of 150 Search and Rescue cases every year. The primary duties of this station include supporting the Alaska National Guard with its key mission of monitoring security and operation of the Missile Defense Site. He is interested in the law enforcement aspect. You won’t want to miss a minute of taking in the natural beauty of Hawaii’s third-largest island. As far as Navy bases in Florida go, it’s tough to beat that. St. Paul Opa-Locka Chesapeake Yorktown, Barboursville 3 2 0. Scottsdale. Fill out this form and we will contact you. Best area perk? Washington. Working for the Key West Collector of Customs, the Florida and its crew collected maritime tariffs, chased pirates, prevented smuggling and rescued those in distress at sea. What lifestyle amenities do you appreciate in your life now? This is an un-official USCG Reddit page. Us Coast Guard Base in Nags Head on YP.com. 347 US Coast Guard Civilian Opportunities jobs available on Indeed.com. San Francisco My best experience, ever, by far, was saving lives at sea. Norfolk Herndon New Bedford If you’re bored around base, catch a flick at the theater, take a walk along a trail, or check out Afterburners, a rec facility with 36 TVs, pool tables, and an outdoor tiki bar. The U.S. Coast Guard base in Alameda is one of 16 bases that will receive some of the first shipments of COVID-19 vaccine, officials with the U.S. Department of Defense said this week. This on-base perk also has beach volleyball courts, cabanas with grills, and a full bathhouse. Sault Ste Marie Need assistance from a court martial lawyer? Arlington Houston Having an open mind and a willingness to explore on and off base will make your duty station experience all the better. Port Arthur 0 0. Alabama. 12 6 1. Houma Woods Hole, JB Cape Cod Military Lawyer | Court Martial Attorney, Bucksport Oakland There are currently many stations located throughout the country along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean and Great Lakes. Best area perk? Anchorage Dutch Harbor Juneau Ketchikan Kodiak Sitka St. Paul Valdez. Key West — the very last Key on the string — is the dream station for anyone who loves warm weather and blue coastal waters and is one of the nicest military bases in Florida. Barrancas Beach is a private stretch of waterfront located on base. Helicopter Coast Guard. This list is subjective, of course — there are too many duty stations to post here — so do your research before submitting your wishlist. Portsmouth Military Branch: Navy. The site has roots dating back to the Revolutionary War, and now hosts more than 700 Marines, sailors, and civilians. Junior sailors, geographical bachelors, and families can all find base housing here, too. If you’re getting ready to pick your “dream list” for your very first duty station, you may be a little unsure of what locations to choose for your top choices. Falling Waters BASE Honolulu Housing Office Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 9. New York-Kings The US Coast Guard was established on August 4, 1790. From Hawaii to Guam to Japan, ISC Honolulu supports 35 commands throughout the 14th District Area of Responsibility, including over 3,000 Coast Guard active duty members, reservists, civilians, auxiliarists, and their families. Concord On 15 July 2005, Marine Safety Office Hampton Roads, Group Hampton Roads, and Group Eastern Shore merged to become Sector Hampton Roads. Locations and links are updated as additional information is obtained. Coast Guard to Base Two New Cutters in Newport Newport Naval Station will serve as the homeport for two of the Coast Guard's newest patrol cutters. Boston Coast Guard Bases. If you have time to research, do the following: The above list is by no means an exhaustive list of the potential options for duty stations. Elizabeth City To enjoy all that the area has to offer, dress accordingly — on and off base — to explore the best parts of this beautiful region. Learn more about Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort here. Petaluma Learn more about Marine Corps Base Hawaii here. For service members who love to travel, you’ll be happy to know you’re only 1 mile away from Miami International Airport. Best area perk? Located in the southern part of Colorado Springs, this mountainous area is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Chincoteague Tampa, Avondale A huge Navy exchange and commissary — 100,000 square feet to be exact — was built in 2011. New York -Richmond Share with us in the comments below! If you find yourself stationed on the beautiful island of O’ahu, consider yourself among the lucky few who get this coveted duty station. When you view any duty station as your new home, you’ll be able to better embrace the local culture and unique base aspects. Kodiak Shop here and skip paying sales tax on everything from electronics to groceries. Hampton U.S. Coast Guard Bases & Stations February 11, 2019 by militarybase Find a list of USCG bases, training facilities, air stations and boat … The term embraces wide range of responsibilities in different countries, from being a heavily armed military force with customs and security duties to being a volunteer organization tasked with search and rescue without law enforcement authority. You also won’t be far from beautiful natural attractions like the Florida Keys and the Everglades. Plus, the Kitsap Peninsula isn’t far from multiple day trip options, including Seattle, local mountain ranges, water trails, and even Canada. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Military Bases in Portland, ME. The best answer here is that there really is not a good comparison to make between the USN and USCG. Select a state listed below to see Coast Guard bases in that state. Just up the road from base you’ll find the beautiful Harborside Fountain Park with its waterside plaza where you can watch ferries depart to and from Seattle. My son wants to join the Coast Guards upon graduating high school. If that’s not enough to get you excited about this duty station, just remember you’re living in one of the top-rated cities along Florida’s coastline. Helicopter Flying. At SOUTHCOM, you can expect to meet a lot of different people as its a joint base. California. Wilmington, Atlantic City This is a common question. Military personnel get a discount, too. The are some similarities in jobs between the 2, but the missions, structure and infrastructure are all different. Join myself today where we meet up with another Stormworks creator to give us a behind the scenes look at one of his latest creations. Mobile. Get Ready to Hustle, AN-1: America’s plan for submarine aircraft carriers, Army Rangers have been deployed to combat for 7,000 days straight, Russia’s high profile weapons are all smoke and mirrors, ‘Missile barges’ could be America’s secret weapon in the Pacific, Top Marines receive COVID vaccine, encourage troops to follow suit, 7 Things to Do On or Near Naval Air Station Pensacola, Things to Do Near Lackland Air Force Base During Graduation, Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve, Check out online forums like Reddit for open discussions. And there you have it: the 5 best jobs in the Coast Guard you can have in 2021. We will contact you via e-mail or phone for a free initial consultation with a military defense lawyer. Off base, you can take to the mountains or surrounding regions for snowshoeing, hunting, camping, and fishing. As a service member, there’s a good chance you’re going to move around a lot. By Associated Press , … Whether you have shore or sea duty, sailors have a good chance in getting stationed here thanks to a large fleet that includes aircraft carriers and submarines. Portland According to the Military Family Advisory Network, 78% of surveyed military personnel still live off base and in the surrounding cities. As one of the most requested locations in the Army, you’re in for a treat if you get stationed at Fort Carson. This little city has it all: beautiful scenery, protected beaches, and historic sites all over. People at risk on the open ocean are helpless, living minute to minute, fearful, and pulling them to our Coast Guard decks, getting them out of danger, was like Christmas and New Years and your Birthday all at once. Best area perk? Many of these jobs are in-demand in 2021, so if you’re on … An attorney client relationship is not established by submitting this initial contact information to our office. Although many of the stations have been located on shore, floating stations have been based on the Ohio River and Dorchester Bay. Location: Bremerton, Bangor, and Keyport, Washington. South Padre Island, Alexandria If you love the great outdoors and don’t mind a little rain, Naval Base Kitsap is one of the prettiest places to be stationed. Coast Guard Sector Puget Sound. Additional Coast Guard Bases Alaska. Coast Guard Training. Depending upon what type of ship a Coast Guardsman is assigned to, he/she could live on that ship, or on the base, if the ship is not big enough to accompany the crew full time. The Panama Canal also falls under the protection of this base. Woodbine, Buffalo South San Francisco, Coast Guard Air Station Miami Military Defense Lawyers, Coast Guard Sector Key West Military Defense Lawyer, Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg Military Defense Lawyers, Jacksonville Rosslyn Whether you’re on or off base, you’ll find activities to fulfill your need to explore the great outdoors in this mountainous terrain. Base Miami Beach serves as the single DCMS touch point for the support of Coast Guard operations within the 7th Coast Guard District, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our operational partners to ensure the delivery of professional, responsive and cost-effective services to the American public. 3 2 2. If you love blues music and jazz history, delight in the fact that there’s no shortage of that all around Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans. This page contains a list of United States Coast Guard stations in the United States within the United States Coast Guard's nine districts. Yes, some bases may be better for certain demographics, so prior to having to pick your dream list, do a bit of research. Do you enjoy the indoors or outdoors more? Coast Guard Sector Hampton Roads. Whether you take a trolley tour or explore on foot, the minute you step off Naval Air Station Key West, you’ll be greeted by colorful old Florida culture that can’t be missed. The Coast Guard can approve up to 60 days of TLA once you have arrived, this is done in ten day increments as needed. Coast Guard Search. Weymouth Oahu Hawaii Military Bases. The unique wildlife that calls Alaska home. Coast Guard Military. Single soldiers, in particular, will love Better Opportunity for Single Soldiers (BOSS), an organization where soldiers can volunteer and participate in leisure activities together. 8 4 0. As for day-to-day operations, the command’s area of responsibility includes Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, including U.S. resources located in those areas. As the “Home of the Rugged Professional,” this base is perfect for adventurous service members who don’t mind the cold. Want to keep your sharp shooter status? Below, we rounded up the best military bases categorized by interests. Natick Whether you love Antebellum architecture or visiting historic sites, you aren’t far from old-style charm when you’re stationed at Beaufort. At a mere 44 miles long, it can be easy to get island fever here if you aren’t actively seeking adventure while stationed at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. United States Coast Guard Bases, Stations and Cutters United States Coast Guard Bases, Stations, and Cutters listed by District. Off base? With nearly 13,000 active duty members across the area’s bases, you’ll meet people from all over the country if you get stationed here. When you’re stationed in a stunning location like Hawaii, get outdoors as much as possible. Surfing, hiking, ziplining… the list is endless. RE: What are the best Coast Guard Duty Stations to work? On your days off duty, you can explore more than 40 of the area’s museums or take a history and heritage tour to learn about the rich culture that is NOLA. On your off-duty days, you can do everything from tasting the best key lime pie around to snorkeling, diving, or fishing off the coastline. All info submitted will be kept confidential and private. Both families and singles can easily find plenty of on-base housing, including single-family, duplex, and townhome floor plans (up to 5 bedrooms). Plus, you’ll have about 200+ days of sunshine here to enjoy most every day you’re outside  — on base or off. Selfridge AFB Cape May Apr 26, 2020 - Explore k8drennen's board "Coast Guard" on Pinterest. The year-round sunny weather. In fact, as much flak as the Coast Guard gets for being the awkward child of the military, the Coast Guard doesn’t seem to have a “worst” station among them. Los Angeles During wartime it is under the direction of the President; during peace time it … On-base housing is privatized here and is open to active-duty families, DoD civilians, and active duty bachelors. As of 2016, there are roughly 40,000 Sailors on Active Duty, 8,000 in the Coast Guard Reserve, and 30,000 in the Coast Guard Auxiliary (an unpaid force of uniformed volunteers). Stop by and see what's going on in the fleet, or ask us a question you might have about the Coast Guard. Best area perk? United States Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater is one of the largest and most vital air stations in the Coast Guard network of bases and operates out of the Clearwater International Airport. Us Coast Guard Base in Portland on YP.com. You won’t know how you like a place until you go — it might be the best location the military could have ever picked for you. McKinleyville Coast Guard Cutter Eagle. Dutch Harbor Otis AFB Technically located in Belle Chasse, this joint station is bustling with activity that includes the Navy Reserve, Coast Guard, Marine Corps Reserve, and the Louisiana Air National Guard. Communications Area Master Station Atlantic (CAMSLANT) Commandant of the Coast Guard (CG-00) Chaplain of the Coast Guard (CG-00A) Civil Rights Directorate (CG-00H) Office of Congressional Affairs (CG-0921) Community Relations Branch (CG-09223) Court of Criminal Appeals (CG-094C) Pago Pago. If you love the great outdoors and don’t mind a little rain, Naval Base Kitsap is one of the prettiest places to be stationed. Coast Guard Knmr. You’re never far from outdoor island adventures here. I did over 500 rescues, I was at some very, very busy locations. Where Will I Stay While I am Waiting for Housing? Virginia Beach And despite the lure of perfect weather here, if you decide to move on base, the housing waiting list is only about a month for 3-bedrooms or less! The U.S. Coast Guard was established in 1915, combining the Revenue Cutter Service and the U.S. Life Saving Services. Search by base, city, state, or zip code Reset HI AK PR GU VI Filter by Location Filter by Location Sarasota ISC Miami was created 17 May 1996 from the merger of Base Miami Beach and some financial and administrative elements of the Seventh Coast Guard District Staff. Learn more about Naval Air Station Pensacola here. For a complete directory of U.S. and overseas military installations, visit the Department of Defense Military OneSource network. Yorktown’s moment in history began September 28, 1781, when a group of Colonial and French soldiers set out from Williamsburg to lay siege to the British. Virginia. American Samoa. Wisper7 Basic Member Posts:372: 22 Nov 2010 04:10 PM: Definitely requesting Alaska on dream sheet! 2 2 0. Camp Lejeune Gonzalez and Waddington defend Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard cases in the US, Germany, England, Italy, Spain, Sicily, Europe, Turkey, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Cyprus, Korea, Hawaii, Guam, and Japan. Located in Miami-Dade County, get an introduction to the melting pot that is nearby Miami’s culture. Kearneysville Mayport 7 1 0. And for how close it is to the water, you’ll probably be surprised by the low rates of living. From mountain climbing to whitewater rafting, you’ll find some of the best outdoor adventures here. See more ideas about Coast guard, Guard, Us coast guard. Baton Rouge On base, you’ll enjoy access to a private, lifeguarded beach. Then look no further than the Sunshine State. Staten Island, Corpus Christi Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City is one of the busiest Air Stations in the Coast Guard. If you’ve always wanted to have the island experience without feeling trapped on the actual island, living in the Keys is the closest you can get to that opportunity. Novato On base, you’ll find dental care, vet services, dining, and other recreational activities for a low-key day off. Look at what matters most to you, and then research if those amenities and interests are present in the duty station location. Coast Guard Sector Honolulu. Do warm days and sunny skies year-round sound appealing? If you consider every relocation an adventure, it will be easier to think of every duty station as the best military base. Best area perk? While your Airman is finishing up Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base, it’s time... *The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement. Keep in mind that each of these jobs (except Helicopter pilot) are available via both the Officer, and enlisted paths. However, the Coast Guard did not have enough manpower to hit every single air base. The base is responsible not only for the air space and waters around Florida, but sectors of … The facilities on Kodiak are probably the best in the Coast Guard. Galveston Plus, it’s located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, so the mountain views don’t get much better from a military installation than Fort Carson. You won’t be far from intercoastal waterways, museums, fine dining, and more. We have a thread specifically for recruiting and also some chat rooms for ME, Aviation, Recruiting, etc with Coasties ready to answer questions. New York The constant rainfall makes the entire region green and lush year-round. ISC Honolulu evolved from the former U.S. Lighthouse Service Depot at both Pier 4 and a 5 acre plot on Sand Island. Naval Base Kitsap. Long Beach Maryland. When you aren’t working, swing by MWR to snag clearance tickets to Miami Dolphins games and other attractions like concerts, shows, and sports events in Miami. This made us wonder which military towns in the US are the safest and which aren’t as secure for military personnel and civilians. Southwest Harbor, Cheboygan There are over 40,000 service men and women in active duty in the Coast Guard and 7,000 in the reserves. Learn more about Naval Air Station Key West here. Coast Guard Sector Baltimore. Coast Guard Blue Sky. It’s also open seven days a week, so you’re able to relax on this piece of paradise on your days off. Huntington In the surrounding areas, you can see everything from pre-Civil War forts to the southernmost point of the continental U.S. If want to live off base, keep in mind the cost of living is high for junior enlisted families in particular, but you’ll likely find yourself in gorgeous historic neighborhoods. Arizona. Traverse City, Atlantic Beach If you really hate it… well, at least you won’t be there forever, right? Each branch has a variety of billets they must fill, so keep in mind you won’t necessarily get your first choice. The base is on the smaller side, so you’ll get a chance to know your fellow service members and their families well. When looking at your options based on your position, think about what you love to do on your off-time. 5 years ago. 4 6 0. Old Guard2 Moderator / Trusted Member Forum Supreme! Unlike many other military bases, this one has a great cost of living — it’s actually 18% lower than the U.S. national average. Response Boat Speed. Off base, you’ll find nearby volcanoes to hike, waterfalls to swim in, and beach shores to surf along. 10 5 0. If you love it, perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to get extended there. Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) Sector Columbia River. A well-guarded military base can imply that such areas—including the nearby military towns—are safe and secure. This Site Might Help You. Source(s): https://shrink.im/a8wmu. The Coast Guard has Installations, Bases, and Air Stations throughout the continental United States East Coast, Gulf Coast, Great Lakes and Pacific. Coast Guard. Point Reyes Station Oxnard Juneau Morgan City If you’re traveling near the Delta Junction area, keep your eye out for rare sightings of wild buffalo. Oh, and you can walk on the ferry for free to go to Seattle! MilBases.com is tracking 40 Coast Guard bases. Location: Bremerton, Bangor, and Keyport, Washington.
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