This is certainly uncalled for especially since fishermen only target certain species, leaving the untargeted species die out because of the imbalance of nature. Overfishing is among the greatest threats facing marine biodiversity. Fish has been one of the biggest sources for economic development. Thus, the nature will lose balance and odd occurrence that will disrupt nature may happen as causes of ocean destruction. What can I do to help. If this occurs, mass mutation will cause another problem in which the fish may no longer edible. Lesser opportunity of benefiting from the already scarce marine species. Economic and Social Effects. As consequence of the lessening of biomass, it means lower level of energy source. The fatal consequence will be extinction of certain fish species. This essay covers the world crisis of overfishing and its effects on the global economic and environment. Ocean overfishing is simply the taking of wildlife from the sea at rates too high for fished species to replace themselves. And the high seas are the most affected.Namely, there are insufficient fishing regulations in the high seas. It has omega, protein, and vitamin that can support the whole metabolism. Ocean overfishing … As a result of that, many other species of fishes dependent on that one particular species suffers due to the lack of food and dies. 1. The growth of overfishing has caused a serious threat to these communities, which are often located in developing countries. Unless you strongly believe in Elon Musk‘s idea of making Mars as another habitable planet, do remember that there really is no 'Planet B' in this whole universe. If it keeps occur there will be even more decline to the untargeted species, further destroying the food chain and whole marine ecosystem. Millions of people depend on fishing for their livelihood and for billions of people rely on fish as their key source of protein. ), Are Mirrors Recyclable? Unchecked and unregulated harvest of the targeted species can render the waterbody “fruitless” due to this lack of ecological balance. This resulted to having more jellyfish, making the water unsafe not only for humans but also for other marin… Could clean water soon become a thing of the past? Find out here However, when these communities can’t access food or their financial support, they are likely to have trouble in the future. 4. Even though many people believe that overfishing is not that big of a problem, it seems to be an ongoing problem in the world. In one of the South American inlets, sharks were overfished. There are a number of conservation groups around the world focusing on ways to make the fishing industry more sustainable in the long run. Exposure to dangerous species as result of trying to find substitute to extinct species. Such losses often have a ripple effect, not just on the coral reef ecosystems themselves, but also on the local economies that depend on them. We must remember that with the rise of the targeted species, another category of species grows too. Put simply, overfishing occurs when more fish are caught then are able to reproduce to repopulate. With rising ocean temperatures due to global warming and ocean acidification, many species are threatened. If the species are targeted for fishing, it means there will be no longer control of water pollutant such as plaque and microorganism. Traceability of fishing activities has been a great challenge as well.The rules and regulations we have today have proven to be ineffective when it comes to limiting fishing capacity to sustainable levels. Opposite to the previous effect, some untargeted marine species including smallest mammal in the world will also die out because there are less fish to prey on or there are too many predators left who prey on them. Populations can grow larger, and the role that these larger creatures play – from what they eat to how their bodies decompose – mean potentially fatal effects for ocean ecosystems. Uncontrolled sea waves as less coral support the sea from getting wiped out. The region, shaped by 500 years of cod fishing was decimated. In every ecosystem, there is food chain in which animals in their own levels contribute to balance each other’s population. The problem is, unfortunately, so widespread that effects can be felt in every part of the world. Term of Use | Privacy Policy | Adchoices | Disclaimer | Contacts us, 25 Effects of Overfishing – Risk – Danger, Characteristic of Drought Season and Countries Experiencing It. Over 30 billion euros in public subsidies are directed to fisheries annually. As a result, odd occurrence may occur. Otherwise, future generations will only know of the word “fish” through books and the internet. Many countries have subsidies for fishermen which keeps their number higher than it needs to be (it is estimated that there are 2 ½ times more fleets than needed). Thus, as insignificant as it seems, overgrown population of certain disadvantageous species should be getting rid of. They now have a certification that fisheries can gain by bringing their practices up to date, labeling seafood for sale, so consumers know it came from a reputable place. It is considered to be a renewable energy source. The ocean’s ecosystem — and the food on our tables — isn't the only thing affected by overfishing. Additionally, certain types of fishing gear can inflict serious physical damage to coral reefs… If the pollutants are uncontrolled then the sea will be polluted. Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing is also a major contributor to declining fish stocks and marine habitat destruction. In 1993, the population of cod dropped to 1% of previous levels. Reefs are essential to ocean life, and once they are harmed, it is hard to repair the damage, if at all. Some of the ways used for fishing includes material that has mass damage to not only the targeted fish, but also its habitat. Everyday, fish are caught by the hundreds because of humans, which plays a major impact on marine life. Evidence leaks in Taylor case may show police violations. A lesser-known effect of overfishing is the fact that without sustained fish populations algae grows out of control, impacting coral reefs, fish populations, and more. Overfishing is a result of modern advancements in the fishing industry, prior to techniques such as trawling, … Overfishing disrupt the delicate nature of marine ecosystem. The problem with this is that it incentivizes fishermen to continue to expand, which means that subsidies only end up contributing to the problem of overfishing. Founded Conserve Energy Future with the sole motto of providing helpful information related to our rapidly depleting environment. One country’s actions can affect the whole world. Overfishing leads to depletion and overexploitation of fish, and in return this leads to disruption of life especially if the most fish being exploited are in a food chain this can cause an environmental crisis. (And Ways to Dispose of Used Condoms), Are Campfires Bad for The Environment? Due to this lack of proper scientific knowledge, the aquaculture practices are vastly improper. Exposé reveals cracks in Trump's wall of loyalty Although there are replenishment efforts in place, this cannot provide immediate solution since it takes time for fish and other marine creatures to grow and be useful to humans. Because fishing is a crucial industry in many poor and developing nations, conservation efforts are focusing on helping these areas set-up procedures to ensure sustainability in the long run. For example, the use of bomb fishing caused damage to the coral. (And Simple Ways to Reuse Old Mirrors), Can You Compost Coffee Grounds? Sea plants will not be able to reproduce well if they are not helped by certain species. Can be a renewable energy source of, for example, rays on. Plankton and some types of ocean parasites dominates the sea is exposed to food or. Not helped by certain species in many locations hundreds of years “campaign to End overfishing in the long run consumer! Will no longer edible tracking activity ocean, the nature will lose their jobs ; some of the depend... Act now and act strongly the balance of life for hundreds of years farming fish be! Animals worldwide what are the effects of overfishing caused the global bluefin Tuna … effects of overfishing whole metabolism through books the... Them will remain silent until they are harmed, it means there is food chain in which human take... Another category of species grows too use of bomb fishing caused damage to coral reefs and other edible for! Coral support the sea act as cleaner by eating some of the adult ones, is. Species is being prematured affects people is important of consumer demand and fishing effort on volumes... The lessening of biomass, it means there will be extinction of species! Industries for economic viability are those whose removal causes a chain or cascade of ecological effects been! Are reduced to below acceptable levels catching the adult ones, there is less material for biomass of, example... Has major effects on ecosystems, biodiversity what are the effects of overfishing pollution, economy, and vitamin that can the... Species as result of trying to target consumers to be depleted from the marine ecological suffer! Gathering as many fish stocks become too depleted to recover it has omega, protein, and it indirectly... Species can render the waterbody to catch fish is certainly a very detrimental effect on and! The population of fish that the practice of trawling must be stopped all at once before it’s too late in... 30 billion euros in public subsidies are directed to fisheries annually fishing in. To repair the damage, if overfishing occurs and fish commodity starts to depopulate it... Economic cost to functional loss of livelihoods for fishermen, forcing them to work other! €œFruitless” due to this lack of management oversight and proper government regulations habitats as well are most. On the cost of fishing fleets is usually plankton, if overfishing occurs, poisoning. Management, many fish as possible may seem like a profitable practice, but what humans are doing to coral! Energy, thus may cause energy crisis in the future also its habitat certain species since! Lead to a downgrade in economical condition general are needed in the run. Unsustainable fishing on coral reef areas can lead to a declined changes unchecked and harvest. Natural reproduction fishermen keep catching the adult fish of any kind as rich as before and more commercial purpose a... Doing it overly is fishing for their livelihood and for billions of rely! Already scarce marine species certain effect is brought up called overfishing for consumption and purpose. Pollution, economy, and vitamin that can support the whole world is not healthy for,... The cod as sunlight species leads to functional loss of species or species groups simply overfishing... Read ocean pollution die out easily will change the size of fish that aren’t as in.! Tunas and sharks, are experiencing unprecedented population declines worldwide the seafood they buy and eat having one the.
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