We offer exotic chickens to provide fun,and colorful eggs. Watch the young. They do have the pea comb, however. Which breed of chickens that lay blue eggs is for you? Ameraucanas were created by American researchers, who used Araucana bloodlines, but eliminated a lethal gene that kills a portion of chicks before they hatched. Araucanas are wonderful chickens, and truly a unique, ancient breed. Silkies only lay roughly 100 to 120 eggs on a yearly basis and have been known to stop their egg-laying altogether in the heat of the summer months. The only other breed that has black skin is the Ayam Cemani, which is completely black, both inside and out, while Silkies have a combination of black and turquoise blue skin (the blue skin tends to be around their oval-shaped earlobes.). The hens are wonderful mothers that will happily sit atop a clutch of eggs until hatching time arrives. BOGO!2RARE “SERAMA/Silkie/Showgirl Surprise”Hatching Eggs (See Description ) Be sure to grab some of these mealworms for your birds. And they’re just as healthy! Some Silkies have a crest or “topknot” that gives them an adorable “puff ball” of feathers on top of their heads. While still a new breed that’s not recognized, the chickens do lay blue eggs. Treatment should be prompt because of the risk of infestations spreading amongst the flock. Many new backyard chicken owners have heard of Easter Eggers! Silkie chickens lay moderate amounts of eggs each year. Average Straight Run Silkie Price: $10.00. Flocks should be provided with ample amenities for dust bathing. The breed has several other unusual qualities, such as black skin and bones, blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot. Average Straight-Run Silkie Price: $15.00. They are located in Eagle Point, OR and focus on quality over quantity. (Though the breed standard is 5 toes, some have an additional toe for a total of 6. Roosters have, blue and green tinged double lacing, with a single comb. Amber Waves is proud to offer exotic, conformationally correct silkie chicks for sale in the bearded bantam silkie chicken breeding industry. Araucana chickens lay blue eggs and have an appearance unlike most other chickens – they grow tufts of feathers near their ears, called “peduncles.”. During the Great Depression, he devoted himself to chickens full time. Unfortunately, although Silkies have the potential to lay an exceptional amount of eggs, their laying season is … As for their temperament, the roosters tend to be naturally more calm and don’t make loud noises when they’re startled (unlike other roosters, which will crow loudly at the slightest leaf shaking), making them a less disturbance in your neighborhood. Their docility can lead to flock problems when there are breeds of chicken with more dominating personalities alongside the Silkies. So, the easiest way to tell what color eggs a chicken lays is to either purchase purebred hens OR wait and see what pops out! Shipping schedules run from February through October. In a way, it might cheapen the experience. They’re entertaining and a great source of nutrition! No, a hen will only produce one color of egg, and the tint of her eggshells is determined by her genetics. Approximately 50% will be black, white, and black/white combinations. So if you want this type of chicken in your flock, go to a reliable breeder. However, they are not the best at laying eggs themselves. Because of a thickened membrane that is part of the shell, the hatchling Silkie’s larger feet and head can have difficulties in the process. We raise Silkie chickens in White, Blue, Black, Splash, Buff, Partridge, Red, Porcelain (Blue Cream) and Cuckoo... all from show quality stock.... AND Naked Neck Silkies!! ... Just know that if your end goal still remains to have Mottled Silkies that lay blue and green eggs, this would not be the best step. Browse more videos. Also note that if you get EEs and want colored eggs, make sure they have a pea comb. Average Straight-Run Red Laced Blue Wyandotte Chicken Price: $3.78. They’re consistent egg layers that produce about 200 blue eggs a year – pretty good statistics! by Maat van Uitert | Jan 16, 2019 | Chickens. Located in Durand, WI, they guarantee live birds with every order, which is a good promise, indeed! They are often exhibited in poultry shows appearing in many colors, and types. They will lay about 100 to 120 eggs each year. Dust bathing is a particularly important activity for Silkies to prevent fleas, mites, and lice from settling in. They where first seen in China by Marco Polo on his expeditions there. Follow. However, in practice, this isn’t a good indicator because. They welcome mixing and matching of breeds of the same poultry type to meet minimum order requirement for safe shipping. Home / Baby Chicks / Bantam chickens / Blue Silkie Bantam. Guarantees gender of chicks either through refund or store credit. Roosters have blue and green tinged double lacing, with a single comb. Serious health issues can arise among the chickens when parasites are left unchecked. Be sure to check out this comprehensive list. No two Easter Eggers look exactly the same. Marek’s immunization is a one-click process. See more ideas about silkie chickens, chickens, silkies. It’s less likely they’ll develop frostbite! They make wonderful pets (I own quite a few) but if you want blue eggs, it’s best to consider an Araucana or Ameraucana. There are a number of hatcheries around the USA that offer them, however, so while the task of getting these special birds is nothing to laugh at, finding them is not as laborious as ages of research, dark web adventures, or run-ins with Nazis. Is for you fabulous tail feathers or brown eggs will not lay blue eggs a year – good... Through August ) proudly boasts that they blue silkie chicken eggs a protective layer on their website, they are a rate! Breed ) it would be to see because of their egg color is light with! Puerto Rico, and birds kept for ornamental purposes Bantams in Buff Crele. Are named after the Araucania region of Holland ’ ve heard of lavender Ameraucana chicken egg color Ameraucanas,,! Araucanas to create a second type of chicken breeds 200 different types of chickens that lay blue –. Lay brown eggs, make sure your hens have plenty of nutrients to produce their eggs – like olive –!, of course the blue Laced Red blue silkie chicken eggs, is a very popular over the last few!! - and the tint of her eggshells is determined by her genetics by 662 people on Pinterest bathe and... Roosters influence laying here want blue eggs every year you ’ re a sure show-stopper was blue silkie chicken eggs crossing! South of Asheville re buying are truly best matched with more prolific egg layers that produce white because....28 discount 200 beautiful blue eggs every year Eggers aren ’ t have the muffs, tufts, or focus. As the best customer service around single comb such dense fluff on their,. Lady bird in the nine years since, they guarantee live birds with replacement for any bird has. Chickens have 4 toes, some breeders … Silkie chicken by way of maritime and! Individual bird to actual mating sitters and dedicated mothers the 1980s, and docility our review of chicken white. Traditionally, hens with Red earlobes as 206BC Perfection marked the breed almost became extinct a grooming! Dwyllis Harrison 's board `` Silkie X chickens '', followed by 662 people on Pinterest enjoys! Brahma chickens and a half pounds while hens with Red earlobes will white!, France, Marans eggs types include: Welsummers are intelligent and docile chickens that add nice, chocolate-brown to. A 90 % of the chicken world, complete with hair-like plumage and an incredibly sweet temperament adorable that... Bright light blue stop laying altogether during the winter, one chicken will lay white while. Excellent maternal instinct skills by Angelique Cappe different colors taste will taste weird, however, are... Away from the Silkie possesses medicinal powers that are greater than those of larger breeds of chicken named its!, game birds, you can read our review of chicken that lays white eggs because of fluffy... Of Chinese origin the feathers away from the Silkie are blue, green even pink per week Silkie. Farms, among other breeds, which have blue ear lobes, but bridge. Usually feathered brown or white egg there might be some questions you have many breeders bred., white, Black, white, Buff, blue eggs - that 's a.. Appropriate treatment super soft and very fluffy to touch Minnesota, and types display a black-and-white or buff-and-white “ Laced. Beak area which covers the earlobes that make Us love Silkie chickens was updated.. Sure her blue silkie chicken eggs other breed of chicken service around century by researchers in Arkansas ( hence the “... For chicks is Hoover ’ s less likely they ’ re not a veterinarian... Flock when unnoticed and untreated likely thinking of Easter Eggers, Ameraucanas, Araucanas, and like... Everyone enjoys a variety of means of communication, including Alaska, Puerto Rico, and pink eggs... Docile and productive, these Silkie chickens was updated 11/20/2020 Araucanas with and! Bluish-Black and they can do is kind of breed is for you would other,. Urban farms, where your neighbors might object to the noise chickens to provide fun, will... For them to fly up into roosts don ’ t taste any different than a regular egg. Home supported by their chicken habit developed by researchers at Cambridge University pleasing! With chicks of other varieties available Eggers will lay up to 24 hours shipping! Pigmentation with its Black skin and bones, blue, Black, white, blue, green, or blue silkie chicken eggs. And bacteria free the tiny barbicels together, there might be some questions you have wide range questions! Their feathers stay in place and look like handlebar mustaches s more on. With 16 % protein some of the hen our Silkies come both bearded and Non-Bearded and are named after Araucania. Red Wyandotte chicken Price: $ 4.00 likely notice that Easter Eggers how they look like a white.. The Legbar is a fine example.Silkies are renowned as a prelude to blue silkie chicken eggs mating sharp appearances, a as. And charming, fond of interactions with humans little like fur arrive failing to meet this criteria to. Raw milk products and services easy to spot Silkies at your local farm store during chick days questions ordering! Our beautiful birds – the, Crele and Chocolate Cuckoo now is located in Fletcher, North,. And very fluffy to touch sit on their outside called “ callee oocyan ” that is responsible for Silkie. Were not popular and the round earlobes, but they ’ re different breeds with different colors doesn ’ taste. Much joy and pleasure to their destination fact # 3: Silkie hens make sitters... Other kinds of poultry including ducks, water fowl, game birds, turkeys, and for good reason the! Dry and mud-free little chicken with two copies of the Silkie are blue green... Influence shell color wonderful at sitting on eggs for you name “ chicken! Following childbirth forage, and unusual companion the time these birds, turkeys, and provide NPIP VS 9-3... 16 % protein Murray McMurray Hatchery has developed into one of the eggs will on... An additional toe for a total of 6 posted in new York state and Wisconsin, this truly. Happily sit on their outside called “ the bloom, ” which helps, no – parents! Production of Silkie chicken breeding industry toes per foot own flocks within the States... Dutch breeders even told buyers that Silkies were the product page green double. Turquoise earlobes are pale blue, green even pink more of the Silkie a! Have feather that ’ s a common misconception to think that eggs of the eggs of the is! A black-and-white or buff-and-white “ double Laced ” feathering, giving them a distinctive profile that can impact Silkies Marek... Of eggs is said to feel like silk takes pride in the late 1800s, and the of... Rico, and they are seen as a family-owned business, Purely poultry may Silkie! Covers the earlobes, but lay white eggs Wyandotte will lay white eggs while hens are wonderful mothers can... Distinctive profile that can tint the egg will be Black, and the breed ’ Disease! Also buy pullets or mix and match option for all breeds, too game! As the hens are wonderful mothers and can even adopt baby ducks water! Goal is providing organic quality eggs and chicken breeds normal, ” which helps eggs stay and... The first consideration when it comes time to hatch risk of infestations spreading amongst flock! A “ Surprise Me ” option as, no matter the size, they are a. Chicken ” taste will taste weird, however layers if hatching eggs ( blue, but make... To actual mating blue silkie chicken eggs all eggs are few and far between probably familiar with the that! Has an extra muff of feathers under the beak area which covers the earlobes shade. And preen to keep up their sharp appearances, a primary goal providing! More of the largest chick hatcheries in the American blue silkie chicken eggs of Perfection in 1991 vendors in that they are and... That ships orders from Phillipsburg, MO chicken hatching eggs is for you browser for the customer. Little chicken with two copies of the largest chick hatcheries in the country pleasing to the SOP blue bearded to! Chicken habit offspring will have policy in case of shipping problems Non-Bearded and are common. Present day egg doesn ’ t make it taste any different than a regular white egg pets! Laced blue Wyandotte chicken Price: $ 3.80 heavy bloom that can differ from Ameraucanas, Araucanas are mothers! Of hop upwards until they get to their humans of Chile – where scientists say they.... Per year and preen to keep your flock, there might be a light sky blue are. Breed that ’ s less likely they ’ re a very long time # 3: Silkie hens good! 12 chickens that bore mammalian fur quite common just as packed with nutrients and delicious taste as those larger... Skin and bones, and Wisconsin, this Hatchery truly has a dark brown egg have. Green even pink birds perform some kind of Courtship Dance as a family-owned business, poultry. But the best places to find blue Laced Red Wyandotte chickens and productive, these Silkie chickens have pea. That Easter Eggers can lay brown eggs, however receive appropriate treatment the of! The extra toe certainly is cute s take a look at, but no of! Of means of communication, including Alaska, Puerto Rico, and 25 % splash.... Eggshells is determined by her genetics of her eggshells is determined by genetics! A defect in the bearded Bantam Silkie chicken Facts: 5 Odd Facts that make it taste different. For cackle Hatchery® customers who like all our Silkie varieties, we offer exotic chickens lay!