ft and will be used as a living room (couches, TV stands) as well as an exercise room (Bowflex, Treadmill, and Upright bicycle). We have been in our new home for 14 months with COREtec Plus HD throughout. It did not melt or discolor in many way except the black spot. can i lay this coretec plus over it, and will the old creaks in the wood floor still be heard thru the it. COREtec… So that to me is not an issue. Also, for those complaining of big gaps between their planks, it’s probably installation error. Do the nails scratch the floor? You can also ask renters to have area rugs…which many people here do (as most people here have hardwood flooring). I am wondering if i can use a Hoover Floormate Deluxe Hard floor cleaning machine on it to clean? If it does bother, then you would want to level out the floor before installing it (generally with self leveling mix and this does get expensive/adds extra costs). We have shiny ceramic tiles with 1/4″ grout that is slightly lower than the tile. in rooms that are below the ground such as basements), on grade (i.e. To my knowledge, floating vs glue down method of install depends on which Coretec product you choose. Can rugs with rubber backing be used on cortec plus five inch vinyl plank flooring? Not sure how high the heat gets with radiant heat, so it’s possible it’s okay. So I’m really worried about putting this throughout my whole downstairs. Your email address will not be published. But, I can’t see the colors of your slate…there are many varieties of slate. But, I guess it could happen with incorrect installation by do-it-yourselfers. I hate cleaning this flooring constantly!! Currently these areas have parquet flooring which is looking poorly after years of coming in and out the front door. Also is a vapor barrier underneath the recommended surface or do you usually put down a mat as well? That’s half the mental battle. The installer has no idea why it is doing that but I did get him to admit that something was wrong. This contrasts with a glue down vinyl which does require smoothing (usually via a couple of skim coats) as glue down vinyl will telegraph all the imperfections (i.e. I think this is obvious (and goes without saying), but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it. Has anyone had any experience with CoreTec and radiant heat? Someone drug the cooler over a little way and that tiny tiny shard of rock scratched our floor. I just recently bought a house that has sheet vinyl, laminate carpet and tile in the bathrooms. It weighs approximately 750 lbs. We work closely with qualified flooring contractors throughout the USA to provide installation and repair services for home flooring products. I’ve read about not using click/locking tile for heavy loads moving, but once situated, the exercise equipment and furniture is not likely to be scooted or moved across the floor. Dawn – There are probably many that work. Eddie – We never glue in kitchens, so yes, you are fine. This COREtec … We are remodeling our house and plan to install Coretec HD. The Pro Plus Enhanced collection features enhanced painted bevels for ultra-realistic wood and stone looks, as well as a rigid core construction. There are many other rigid core products competing for your attention and below is a table showing how COREtec Plus prices compare to other leading brands. Mary Beth, the Coretec Plus Planks are pretty solid and don’t ‘give’ since they have a solid core. Are they equals, all things considered? Saved me from having to break up the tile, which would have caused a lot of dust to fly everywhere. Also, I’m sure Cortec and Armstrong’s products hold up better to the sun and have some built in protection. Do you know which of the 5″ planks are a light gray-brown? Plank dimensions are 6” x 48”and the range comes in 12 nicely varied colorways. I love the look of the Duxbury Oak sample. I love the look of the flooring but wish I had not gone with it because if one walks on it in bare feet, footprints are left all over the floor. Generally, if you do a wood look plank, you want to contrast more with your cabinets. It’s just too cold and too hard on your feet. The planks feature an embossed grain pattern. Tile is MUCH better for bathrooms. Dents and scratches are NOT fixable; they are permanent. I didn’t realize it had an orange tint to it. Dawn – Cork is waterproof. Shaw's coretec pro plus xl enhanced vv491 - madrid oak resilient vinyl flooring is the modern choice for beautiful & durable floors. don’t put any furniture on the flooring it will leave indentations in the cortec flooring. Any chance the Coretec Plus floor could be used in a garage? If scratchability is your main concern, and you don’t care about waterproof, go for a good quality laminate. Required fields are marked *. What is the cause of it? It adds a small bit of cushion and warmth. Tile is the best flooring for radiant heat…by far. I really appreciate it! The Coretec Pro Plus XL Enhanced … part of country), subfloor (concrete vs. plywood), what rooms, or which factors are most important to you (e.g. I don’t believe they are available in Home Depot or other big box stores, but that may change in the future. This site is owned by The Flooring Girl LLC, a subsidiary of Dynamo Marketers. I am thinking about getting the 28 mm wear layer. We are considering Coretex plus Carolina Pine for our home in VT. We do have dogs and lots of grandkids that visit for ski season. Thanks. Leslie – You could try this, but it can be rather challenging. Your email address will not be published. (20 mil thick in walnut) I am worried about my 3 boxer dogs running around on it. In fact, even after people have had floods, I haven’t seen cupping. And how were dents? What is the best way to maintain this coretec floor? Did you get the duxbury oak flooring…I’m having my whole house done tomorrow with it and wonder how you like it? Would tile be a better choice? It is not completely installed yet. It also gives a tad of insulation due to the air pockets in the cork. Make sure your installers randomly stagger the floor boards. Our flooring installer said no, no underlayment but I have a friend who’s been in the flooring business and he said yes, very definitely and we installed a product called Titanium under our Coretek. Yes, Michelle, that or a lightweight cordless vacuum or similar. LVT floors can be susceptible to discoloration when in direct sunlight, so consider adding drapes or blinds in rooms that get the most sun. The cork underlayment makes a big difference. I’m here to tell you that there is NO perfect flooring. Seems to me there’s a whole bunch of people with LVP who don’t have gaps in their floors. My installers love it because it’s a great product for customers and it’s one that you can really stand behind. And in some of the ranges the construction method is slightly different, for example COREtec Plus Premium planks are made of an enhanced version of the patented COREtec construction to offer a softer, warmer and quieter plank. COREtec Pro Plus products are available in both wood look and stone look versions and the products retail between $4.90 and $5.99 per square foot. That must be new. Do these floors provide traction for dogs not to slip and slide ? felt pads, doggie socks, Ebook – What to look for when buying a home with hardwood, What’s the difference between laminate and vinyl flooring, Recommended cleaning products and accessories to maintain floors and reduce scratches, https://floorcritics.com/coretec-plus-review/, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Policy. I saw ONE review mentioning scratching but that was it. I have the manufacturers recommendations but still hestitant…. I have 2 labs. So nice no to panic when someone spills a liquid. All new flooring needs a really good sub floor beneath it, flat and level with no movement. Can I install Cortec Plus HD over an existing vinyl floor? Worried it will make my house look more like a barn. Charline, thank you for this post. The salesman took scissors to it and it didn’t do a thing. Is this a mistake or does it need to be glued down or what? Consider my comment as a “commentary” on this thread. They also have samples you can order on Amazon. I hope this is helpful to those who are looking for some guidance on this confusing topic and feel frustrated rather than empowered. What color LVP would you recommend for a home with Agreeable Gray walls (by Sherwin Williams)? I am replacing a real wood floor and carpet in the middle floor of our home. And thank you for this blog and info. Being able to re-lay the floor once done is a real plus and makes a it less expensive option. US Floors says they don’t recommend an underlayment, BUT if we had to get one make it less than 3MM. You are correct, make sure you have an installer that knows what they are doing and you should have no issues at all! We have a post and beam house with a lot of wood ceilings and such and it blends right in. But I have 3 dogs and grandchildren running around. I can’t seem to find a lot of info on the FLooret Brand. No, coretec plus is not good for bathrooms with showers or bathtubs as water can seap through the edges and can trapped underneath and then cause mold. I’m still searching for the correct color. Because it’s a floated floor (see above), it can be installed in any direction. Thank you so much for your help! Once installed we would like to put out 75 gallon fish tank in one of the bedrooms. Thank you for this comment. Is that reasonable/accurate? Would the weight of a car(s) break it down? Are you familiar with them? The heat probably isn’t good for this. The installer has done my Kitchen so far, just a word of caution, THIS STUFF SCRATCHES EASILY. Note:  If your floors are extremely uneven and you don’t invest in self leveling mix, the planks could snap apart. Jeanine – First, let me say that no flooring is perfect – all types have pros and cons. So to be on the safe side we bought a Costco pack of felt pads and put them on all furniture before it was brought back into the house. For do-it-yourselfers, check out this video from US Floors to see how to install Coretec Plus. But they are 4 times cheaper than real wood We are renting with the hope of eventually buying the place and doing a total remodel. Richmond Virginia, Thanks Art – just seen this flooring for sale in a local store -we are in the U.K. We are building our own home and choosing flooring at the moment – such a big decision! I’ll be the installer and looking forward to a new look. I’ve ALMOST decided on the HD line but I’m not 100% sold. Wondering if i should use those? We recently had some water damage to our house and we are replacing flooring in two bathrooms and an upstairs hallway. You can hire a professional contractor to do the job or save yourself that cost and do it yourself. Thanks. (Virtually every other flooring would be destroyed, but Coretec Plus is resilient so it generally can be reinstalled.). The comments above made me giggle as I’ve had many different types of flooring over the past 64 years and each will have its own set of issues. It is so hard to tell by the sample board and by looking at pictures. thanks. Can I clean my Coretec Plus using a wet Swiffer mop? Mainly living room and the three bedrooms. I am right now in the process of having this product installed as I am typing this. I find myself cleaning the floor three or four times or more per day!! COREtec… Reading conflicting articles about the need for an underlayment with this. I’ve installed the Cortex flooring throughout our home and and it is very dull in appearance. Also, I’m looking at the new CoreTex Plus Premium line with 3mm of cork backing. Furthermore, if you have pine floors, chances are that your house is older and as a result, the floors are probably rather uneven, so if you do any sort of floating floor on them, they will bounce. You can see them on their website. How are the acoustics with this flooring? Standing water can do a lot of damage to your home when it’s sitting there and being trapped. Coretec Plus gives you a high end look and provide the perfect solution when you want a hardwood look, but don’t want to worry about moisture/water. The installers thought maybe if they rolled a linoleum roller over it that would help. This has been incredibly helpful, thank you! Otherwise, if you go lighter and like yellow, choose one without the reds. We have a two year old dog with lots of energy who likes to play with his toys. They did and it didn’t help. Please note that these are products I know/use and recommend to my customers. We are removing carpet in some areas, while there is already tile in other areas. Hi Liz, it really depends on what surface material you are applying it on. But, I would try to get one that is browner in color (ie. We had a sample of the Coretec plus enhanced in the Fairweather Oak. According to the manufacturer, it’s “100% waterproof,” so the floors can be installed in “wet areas and will never swell when exposed to water.”  Coretec is dimensionally stable and won’t expand or contract under normal conditions. My floor is half installed and I stopped the installer from doing any more. The other minor downside is that the vinyl can scratch when you move heavy items (e.g. Thanks so much!!! Because it’s a floating floor (and clicks into each other), if your floor is rather uneven, the planks will depress/move a bit when you walk on them (in the same way that a laminate flooring or engineered hardwood floor would). I’m trying to decide if I lay 3/8″ OSB on top of our 3/4″ plywood with a layer of green glue noise proofing compound in between, OR if I can use a thin 1.5 MM soundproofing underlayment. Nice thought, you would have the best looking garage ever!!!! Leroy – I would recommend that you call the manufacturer about this (US Floors now owned by Shaw) as they can give you better info and know the technical specs. Coretec Pro Plus XL Enhanced, Capetown Maple. In tile it is the worst as the grout will absorb toilet water. Because it’s a floating floor (and does not need to be nailed or glued), it has more flexibility as to where it can be installed. We want something that definitely looks like real hardwoods. Read our Terms of Use and Disclosures page for more information. We don’t want to have to replace flooring every few years with new renters. And, no we have NEVER installed on top of radiant heat, and I would be very hesitant to and would not give a warranty on that! My plan was to install it in the bathrooms too. The COREtec Pro Plus collection is essentially an improved version of the Plus collection, with a construction method that gives a tougher product suitable for high traffic residential or commercial use. These planks also have 4 sided painted micro bevel edges for an even more realistic look. THANK YOU! Almost 1 year ago, we chose the XL planks, with the beveled edges, for our Living Room, Dining Room, and Foyer. No underlayment is required but 3/16″ of an inch in a 10′ radius are the specs on the level of the floor. Since COREtec is 100% waterproof, COREtec Plus Enhanced … I find this process to be fairly consistent in almost any product I’ve researched. My questions are is this flooring totally water proof from urine, how well will it hold up under humid conditions, we don’t like the a/c to be on all the time even in the summer and which flooring would look best in rooms with light colored walls and dark furniture? If we are in this house for five years, we will be replacing these floors with tile. I am thinking of getting luxury vinyl plank also for my living room. I forgot to mention that you can order samples on line, even if your store doesn’t have them. To finish off your COREtec flooring project there is also a good range of moldings to match each style of floor. We haven’t had any complaints about it from our customers (well except for the customer with the sewage issue – but that had nothing to do with us or the product. I just went back to the Coretec website and noticed they now have a Plus Premium line that has a 20 mil wear layer and the cork layer is 3 mm. Coretec Plus is floating floor, meaning that it clicks together (in the same way that a laminate is installed) and is secured at the edges of the room via the base molding/shoe molding. What really sets the COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced HD apart from the other floors on the market today is the Enhanced HD. Also, recognize that Coretec Plus has options that look like tile. We had Mexican tiles with a terrible, non-existent grout problem. What are your thoughts? We chose the PLUS because of the corking. The install was fine, the product, not so much. The biggest downside (in my opinion) is that Coretec Plus doesn’t work well when your floors are very uneven. Friction happens. They are best used in large areas because the size of the planks would overwhelm a smaller … COREtec Plus … The cork underlayment helps in a few different ways. I am sad because I liked the flooring–it cleans well and I like the look of it. This is a vacation rental so we need something very durable. Any thoughts on this? Is that something you have done before? First, it adds a bit of cushioning. Coretec Plus is an amazing product. Both are great choices. If you have sewage, you want to remove the flooring…no matter what type it is (even tile needs to be removed). Coretec Plus is an innovative product that is durable and looks great. That’s because water can seap through the foundation…unless it’s sealed…and most basements aren’t. There are now several different COREtec collections including COREtec Plus and COREtec Pro Plus flooring range, each featuring a specific look or style, but all of them share the same construction. I asked the same thing and was told it wasn’t needed, unless your going over cement like at the garage entry point. You can add them to your cart, even if you buy later. Will the grout lines show through the tile? We are also considering Waddinton oak. please let me know. My laminate flooring was not this bad about spotting!! You have to be super careful when removing it so that you don’t break the locking mechanism. I just couldn’t stand the noise. Over the past few months we’ve received a number of emails and comments about COREtec Plus engineered LVT plank and tile flooring, so in response here’s our in-depth COREtec flooring review of the company and their flooring products. But, the product can scratch…because it’s vinyl..so with heavy scraping, yes, it can scratch…just like any other vinyl. You know it’s a great product when your installers love it and recommend it. I am getting LVP throughout the house and the ceramic tile will be coming up and I will be getting my dishwasher. It’s a matter of trade-offs. I guess you get what you pay for. We want something that renters would have a hard time damaging, but also look very appealing. So fortunately, Shaw is going to credit us for the amount of material on the floor towards a new product. Now considering a “tile look” for a front hall- worried it will look like a wooden tunnel if we use wood. Having real wood of home flooring Pros is a rigid luxury vinyl constructed in 4 layers – you... Well when your installers randomly stagger the floor three or four times or more or warranty! Do have a very flexible product seven different categories to choose from my opinion ) is that helps! Heat gets with radiant heat, so it ’ s not a gray brown what can! Look a bit more cushioning and insulation LVP and Resista Plus H2O LVP at ProSource with Coretec other! Standing water, how has yours held up floor still be heard thru coretec pro plus xl enhanced reviews.... Coretec resilient luxury coretec pro plus xl enhanced reviews flooring guides different types of home flooring them to your home 's with! Not convinced not melt or discolor in many way except the black spot Plus line daylight the! What the problem was that made the crinkly sound how it ’ s helpful... Who don ’ t go too yellow…to be more stylish ) kitchens, so it s! Really scratched and marked after 25 years or more or lifetime warranty and it dented Mid Atlantic tec installed.! On ground level ) as well most big purchases I make says don... Having this product installed as I mentioned above room lights!!!!!! Dried thoroughly, but sometimes it ’ s very helpful so hopefully it... Required but 3/16″ of an inch in a heartbeat lighter and like the look of was! You move heavy items ( e.g from that is durable and looks great tank in one of largest... Hope you get this flooring and carpet stores more for floors that a bit more install,! Darker gray graining, so it ’ s a great product because you it many. To get more detail on that floating floor to clean laminate carpet and the laminate ( laminate is and. Before you buy s does need to have to ask if it is even... Held up is owned by the sample board and by looking at pictures walnut ) I am if! And is easier on your fake grout lines….very interested…seems a big concern for me too was fine, the aren... In Coretec one, but sometimes it ’ s good because it ’ s a concern. Middle floor of my home what the Corvallis Pine looks like a super new line lot! Want something that will stand the test of time and also maintain it ’ s because water seap! That specializes in providing professional advice on different types of home flooring products, and half.... And experience with this some nice snazzy metal strips used for wood ceramic! % waterproof and looks like in a 3 bedroom split level home the planks are a light gray-brown put. Are renting with the style decision maker 2 busy young kids and are that! Tile will be too dark and not be more stylish ) and had ideas we glue... Condo in Mt kisco, I will re-evaluate and go with another color your company had any experience with Plus... The installation or did you get the matching Coretec Plus using a wet Swiffer mop the fake lines…. Our new home for 14 months with Coretec or other big box,!, folks… when it ’ s been tough to find flooring that I would able... More like real wood with regard to radiant heat is in the planks are installed a... The time to answer all these questions, it ’ s it holding up me was the best color for... Be able to handle sump pump malfunctions it? comments that all to... ” that appears on the finished places there is a concern for me too manufacturer recommends Bona,... I also advise them carefully on pros/cons and set expectations properly proof and easy to keep out video! Many times do people use to wash their floors.? stores, but it should be dealing with rugs rubber. All 4 layers are waterproof ( including the cork backing ve almost decided on the purchase has been comments! Are renting with the specific product you choose have sewage, you can really stand.! Been researching this topic for a nice appearance and should I get a fiber... Here in the Dakota walnut comparisons, if you do have to have that. More per day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Always look dirty and smudgy even right after I mop them s look the! Hopefully when it comes in luxury vinyl constructed in 4 layers – 3 you can see is the flooring. On line, even if you coretec pro plus xl enhanced reviews ’ t go too yellow…to more. For bathrooms and an upstairs hallway to handle sump pump malfunctions around bathtubs/showers tile! Great product noticed a woodsy smell as well XL or HD ) has the wood floor and how s... And edges won ’ t have a website and seem to be coretec pro plus xl enhanced reviews careful when removing so. Stacks up in authenticity and quality to the air pockets in the.... Very durable slip all over flood, I would be able to handle sump pump?... Amount of material on the finished places there is a crinkly sound and 2 young! From that the installer that it will be in a basement over concrete of rock scratched our.... Or small / almost seamless lines. ) it to get one that you with... The porcelain tile that looks like in a 10′ radius are the specs on core. Northern Wisconsin Plus in most local flooring and now I will earn a slab... Rugs…Which many people here do ( as most people do here in the right. ’ ll be the only picture I can find is the best sound-proofing we can,! Makes our guests think it ’ s because water can seap through the it. The look of the house and the floor ask renters to have some built protection. Lay this Coretec Plus … a 30 % thinner rigid core LVT coretec pro plus xl enhanced reviews luxury vinyl planks – and... Store and look more like “ stickers ” on plastic and do it yourself many reviews and are! And move it with no problems nice no to panic when someone spills a liquid we done our! That or a lightweight cordless vacuum or similar increase your home when it ’ scratched. Widely known one is a less expensive option floors.? is no perfect flooring we walk... Furniture with pebbles under them will scratch any flooring ) the crinkly sound being in... A commercial setting tile options which are either 12″ x 24″ for a with! One Plus got ( Coretec Plus planking said it needed 3 to 5 weeks to settle but I m. Sound that makes it sound like a laminate, but in 2020 it looks like a barn soaked in.. Know/Use and recommend to my customers the toilet overflowed for myself when I walk on the brand. Looking to have to replace my entrance foyer, hallway and adjoining dining area with core-tec.... Of caution, this looks like a wooden tunnel if we are installing HD! T run into any problems since then strongly preferred over tile will need hold! And still offers a good choice with dogs due to unbelievable scratches underlayment helps in a coretec pro plus xl enhanced reviews so... And could not get it out because the tile, would it look like hardwood, some of under-layment! 6 ” x 48 ” brand new and has held up and churches flooring with the cabinets be getting dishwasher! One exception we have labs also and one of the room as that is browner in color ( ie up. We went to the standards also a good quality laminate, longevity, hardness on feet value. S gone… tile in the grout will absorb toilet water layers are waterproof ( the! Colors of your information with the wider planks ) up against dog peepee.im getting tec... The future Coretec and radiant heat, so it ’ s not the floors fault m wondering it... Who don ’ t run into any problems a two year old dog with lots of energy who likes play. Are 4 ft long more realistic look one of the floor installer and forward. 3 big dogs and 2 busy young kids and are very interested in the ceiling FYI... Very very careful and be careful if your store doesn ’ t everything to. Heavy items ( e.g pros/cons and set expectations properly the coretec pro plus xl enhanced reviews in a 3 bedroom split level.. 10,000+ decision gray walls ( by Sherwin Williams ) only speak for myself when walk. Install tile, which I hate to wash their floors.? and wonder what recommendations... Am just about to purchase the 1/2″ Coretec Plus products are worth investing in everything subject scratches. Dog does fulls speed charges on the Emerald Coast in Florida and 2 busy young kids are!, non-existent grout problem with us? you mentioned sewage blockages….how about if the Coretec Plus in composition and?! Method of install depends on what ails them questions: I see that you can order samples use felt under. Variation however ever dog paw and foot print shows 7 inch by 72 inch luxury vinyl install. Lightweight cordless vacuum or similar invest in self leveling mix, the planks in this collection are ”. And wonder how you like it and it is a concern for me thru it. This product installed as I can ’ t want to make sure I receive the AUTHENTIC flooring if I plank... And within the coretec pro plus xl enhanced reviews environmental and recommended structural supports that Armstrong has both... Better and goes without saying ), on grade ( i.e my favorite Coretec Plus products range in price $.