As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page. Get warmth and beauty added to your home with this large and powerful wood burning fireplace. The ideal situation is a lower but constant air flow when the fireplace is hot. the wood fire. See the recommended and/or required options for installation below. Osburn – Everest . Spec Sheet . Ideally, it should be below 25%. SBI sells its products through several brands having a high recognition in their respective market niche. A 12-inch gap should be kept between the cords. Your wood should have been properly dried for approximately one year. (6) Performances based on a fuel load prescribed by the standard at 7 lb/ft³ and with a moisture content between 19% and 25%. This is even favorable in order to properly start your heater. performance green buildings. var hours = Math.floor((distance % (1000 * 60 * 60 * 24)) / (1000 * 60 * 60)); If the house has a powerful mechanical exhaust system that may be used while the heater is burning (ex: range hood), a fresh-air intake will be required. The length of the system, the deviations and the insulation of the conduits can have a major impact. Our dedicated staff works hard to ensure that all orders are handled quickly and efficiently to ensure that you get what you ordered as quickly as possible. Ravivez votre espace avec ce foyer au bois ; ses lignes droites et modernes s’harmonisent bien à tous les décors. Several factors can affect the amount of heat transferred to your rooms through a forced air option. USD $0.00. The room may be too insulated or too small. $338.00 Buck Stove 18" Square Wood Burning Fire Pit with Diamond Pattern. We can therefore expect to transfer at least 25% of the heat from the appliance to other rooms. The problem with an 8-inch chimney is that the appliance may struggle to heat-up the air volume contained inside the chimney. The optimum efficiency that we publicize is the efficiency obtained according to the same test data, but for the low burn rate only. Agrémentez vos soirées en vous réchauffant devant l’âtre. Certain municipalities may also have by-laws that require the installation of an EPA or CSAB415.1-10 wood heater, even though the province does not have an official regulation on wood heating. document.getElementById("countdown").innerHTML = "Soon"; The Certification is based on the total point score achieved, following an independent review and an audit of selected Credits. The moisture content is between 19% and 25%. Simplicity. var seconds = Math.floor((distance % (1000 * 60)) / 1000); With Osburn you know that you are getting great quality. Osburn Horizon Series Forced Air Distributi ... $679.99 $550.00. Cookies have been set up to optimize your browsing experience and continually improve our website. Keep in mind also that the more divisions there are in the house, the harder it will be to distribute the heat evenly. If in doubt, consult a professional installer. © 2020 Looking for accessories for your fireplace? Smaller pieces of wood will dry faster. Read Now, Goodman Air Conditioner & Furnace Systems, Fireplace, Black Grills, Twin Blowers, Black Doors, Type: Built-In High Efficiency Wood Fireplace, Framing Dimensions: 41 3/4"W x 49 1/8"H x 24"D. Osburn Everest OB04015 Pdf User Manuals. most time. It is recommended to use a short system with few deviations. We are at your disposal 8:00 AM - 11:59 PM ET, 7 days a week. A powerful, ultra-silent 130 CFM fan is available as an option. $3,999.00 Add to cart Same-Day Order Processing Free Returns No Restocking Fees Call 888-992-1556, start live chat, or email with any questions. $3,249.00. Furthermore, you must keep in mind that the size of the heater you need may vary based on the insulation of your house, its exposure to wind, and the number of windows. The overlay is a required addition to your Everest fireplace, and comes in two high-quality finishes that will match any decor. Sale. A height of 15 feet or higher is ideal. Do you agree with Everest reviews – windows, doors & more |’s 4-star rating? Superior Mosaic Masonry Brick Liners for WRT6000 Wood Burning Fireplaces. This fireplace can heat up 2,500 sq. osburn ob04016k everest ii wood fireplace with 4 inch length of 6 inch x 36 inch chimney. 18,057 BTU/h (5.19 kW) to 49,654 BTU/h (14.52 kW). Sale Price Ends MONDAY 10/26/2020: $5,499.00 . Osburn. Then, add 50% of the surface of the upper floor. Osburn Everest II Wood Fireplace OB04016 Osburn Horizon Wood Fireplace OB04010 Sale Price Ends MONDAY 10/26/2020: $3,999.00 . Osburn Everest II Built In Wood Fireplace - 42", This product and many products on our site may contain a chemical know to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. Osburn Everest II Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace Insert OB04016. Poor draft will inevitably lead to poor combustion, which will cause smoke roll backs, a dirty glass, lack of heat, and a large quantity of unburned fuel inside the firebox. The Everest easily integrates into the look of your room. clearInterval(x); else if (days == 0) { see details. The room where the heater is located and the rooms directly above it will always reach higher temperatures than the rooms distant from the unit. Then, add 50% of the surface of the middle floor, and 25% of the surface of the upper floor. 8h to 12h - 13h to 17h There are no products in your shopping cart. You must, however, avoid maintaining excessive temperatures (above the comfort zone on your thermometer) during a long period of time. Discover the additional qualities of the Everest II wood fireplace, Government incentives may apply to this product.LEARN MORE. A hot chimney is required to create enough draft. document.getElementById("countdown").innerHTML = "in " + days + "d " + hours + "h " + minutes + "m "; // Find the distance between now an the count down date Avoid stacking logs to the top of the firebox. If you don’t reload the heater and let it burn the remaining fuel, your output will slowly decrease until there is no useful heat left to produce (we call this the “tail end” of the combustion cycle). We also provide the option to checkout with PayPal to allow you to use a checkout service you are familiar with. (PDF - 0.5 Mo) SBI (fabricant de la marque Osburn) se spécialise dans la conception et la fabrication d'appareils de chauffage résidentiels utilisant comme principaux combustibles le bois, la granule de bois et la biomasse. Facebook Heat. A black or brushed nickel overlay is available for your convenience. If you want an even temperature throughout the house, you need to consider a central heating system, such as a warm air wood furnace. Osburn Everest II Wood Fireplace Attractive, efficient and particularly ecological, the crackling fire of the all-new Everest II is the ultimate addition to improve any living space. Wood or pellet stoves, fireplaces, and inserts can qualify under LEED and obtain up to one point provided that they meet the following criteria. Only add big logs when you have a good bed of red embers. // Get todays date and time *Any installation must be done according to the data and drawings detailed in the owner’s manual. There are three main advantages in buying a larger appliance: the increased heating capacity, the ease of loading more and larger logs (as a result of the greater firebox volume), and the increased combustion time (given the higher loading capacity). The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Christmas Sale extended on Orders Over $3,000!Use Coupon Code christmas and Save Big! Ideally, your exhaust system should not have more than one 90° elbow. Soyez le premier à commenter ce produit. Back to the top. The Everest II Wood Burning Firepace is a larger version of the very popular Stratford II built-in wood burning fireplace. A wood heater that meets this Standard will generally comply with the regulation in place. The rating systems are adapted to the Canadian market through an inclusive process that engages stakeholders and experts representing the various sectors of the Canadian industry. Solution: Adjust the air control mechanism in order to keep the flue temperature within the comfort zone (between 250 °F and 475 °F) on your chimney thermometer. If your dealer is out of stock, we can supply them within approximately ten business days. Osburn Traditional Style Faceplate for Ever ... $739.99 $600.00. Therefore, a heater located in your basement will help you heat the main floor as well. Build a small, intense fire, and leave the door ajar (never leave the heater unattended). Logs with a diameter exceeding 6 inches should always be split. Monday to Friday document.getElementById("countdown").innerHTML = "in " + hours + "h " + minutes + "m " + seconds + "s "; However, the firebox is only 1.2 cubic feet meaning the total capacity is somewhat on the small size compared to larger stoves which can lead to more frequent reloads and decreases the ability of an overnight burn. Year after year, the 2000 model remains one of the most popular wood stoves in the Osburn range. It is therefore highly recommended installing a 6-inch liner inside the 8-inch chimney. Osburn. ), HIGH TEMPERATURE CLEAR SILICONE (300 mL - 10.1 FL.OZ. Be the first to write a review » Call (646) 657-8150 Email: Free Shipping on all orders over $938 (Except Alaska & Hawaii) Order … see details. Storage is also key. Exceptions apply for certain categories of products, such as decorative fireplaces. We're Here to Help! Contactez-nous. Here's what you've been hoping to find, a decorative and efficient wood fireplace that meets EPA particle emissions standards. Osburn Door Overlay for Everest II Series F ... $269.99 $220.00. 3- The logs that you are using are too big. Close the unit’s door when you reach a flue temperature of approximately 475 °F on the chimney thermometer. Les coordonnées du détaillant vous permettent de vérifier auprès d'eux la disponibilité du produit qui vous intéresse. accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high Osburn is proud to present its 900 model, the smallest wood stove in the Osburn range. 2- The air control mechanism is not open enough. Today Osburn's are made in Quebec Canada. The classicism of its faceplate offers straight lines that. Quick shop. Osburn Everest II Wood Burning Fireplace $3,919.99 $3,179.00. The recommended heated area for a given appliance is defined by the manufacturer as its capacity to maintain a minimum acceptable temperature in the designated area in case of a power failure. tools they need to have an immediate and measurable impact on their buildings’ (DXF - 1.1 Mo). This efficiency is more realistic for a majority of users whose heating needs require that the unit be used to maximize burn times. The wood should be stored in a place where the grass is not too long, and where the wind will be able to circulate between the logs. Heating up to 2500 Square Feet make it a heating powerhouse. Affiliated Sites . // Output the result in an element with id="demo" if (distance < 0) { Venting Components. If you need to heat more than one floor, keep in mind that heat rises. 1-418-908-8002 } Before inserting larger logs, use dry kindling to obtain a good bed of red embers. osburn ob03510k 3500 wood insert fireplace with 5 1/2 inch x 25 ft forever flex liner kit. Buck Stove. (EST). a heater simply to enhance the ambiance of a room, while others will buy The air control mechanism must always be closed gradually. Osburn Everest II Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace Insert OB04016. $2619.00. room, most small to medium size heaters will suit your needs. By clicking on "Got It", you agree to our privacy and cookie policies. The classicism of its faceplate offers straight lines that suits any decor to enhance your family reunions, moments of relaxation or romantic evenings, in addition to being your best ally during the cold winter weather. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.